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Ships' Overview

The 6 modern vessels on our Dover to Dunkirk and Dover to Calais routes cross the English Channel up to 54 times every day and boast excellent facilities to keep everyone entertained as they sail.

Visit our onboard facilities pages to find out more about the dining, shopping and other amenities on our ships.

UK Flagged Vessels

We have 3 UK flagged vessels operating on the Channel:

  • Dover Seaways
  • Delft Seaways
  • Dunkerque Seaways

French flagged vessels

We have 3 French flagged vessels operating on the Channel:

  • Côte Des Dunes
  • Côte Des Flandres
  • Calais Seaways

Dover Seaways, Delft Seaways & Dunkerque Seaways

These 3 sister ships were built in 2005. The ships are of Scandinavian design and have a light and airy atmosphere. The ships have a number of dining venues, a café, play areas, a shop, private lounge and facilities for commercial drivers.

Technical Details:

  • Length: 186m
  • Width: 28m
  • Cruising Speed: 20.5 knots
  • Passengers: 1000
  • Cars: 250
  • Year Built: 2005
  • Flag: UK


Côte Des Dunes and Côte Des Flandres Ships' Overview

Côte Des Dunes and Côte Des Flandres are our two new ships launched on the route between Dover and Calais. Both vessels were fully refurbished in January 2016. The modern facilities include a restaurant, a snack bar, a café, play areas, a shop, premium lounge and facilities for commercial drivers.

Technical Details:

  • Length: 186m
  • Width: 28m
  • Cruising Speed: 25knots
  • Engine Output:4 x Engines total power 39,000 KW
  • Passengers: 1500
  • Cars: 400
  • Year built: Côte Des Flandres-2004 / Côte Des Dunes-2001
  • Flag: France


Calais Seaways Ship Overview

Built in 1991 and extensively refurbished in 2017 this vessel can accommodate 2,000 passengers. The ship’s facilities include a restaurant, bar, café, reclining seat areas, a shop, play area and several public areas with sea views. There are also excellent facilities for commercial drivers.

Technical Details:

  • Length: 163m
  • Width: 27m
  • Cruising Speed: 21 Knots
  • Passengers: 2000
  • Cars: 600
  • Year Built: 1991
  • Refurbished: 2013
  • Flag: France


Facilities for passengers with reduced mobility

Cote des Dunes/Cote des Flandres

  • One passenger lift measuring 130cm x 158cm, entrance door width 90cm
  • One wheelchair-accessible public toilet
  • Lift access parking

Calais Seaways

  • One passenger lift measuring 190cm x 220cm . Entrance door width 120cm.
  • One wheelchair-accessible public toilets.
  • Bathroom equipped with shower, wash basin, WC & hand rails.
  • Lift access parking available

Dover Seaways/Delft Seaways/Dunkerque Seaways

  • Three passenger lifts measuring 100cm x 138cm . Entrance door width 90cm.
  • Two wheelchair-accessible public toilets: decks 6 and 7.
  • Lift access parking available

We Are Award Winning

We are Europe's Leading Ferry Operator 2012-2019 and the World's Leading Ferry Operator 2011-2018!