Deivydas Praspaliauskas

Chef and sea

Chef and the sea: new D. Praspaliauskas menu has been presented in DFDS ferries

June 3 A new menu of chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas was presented in Klaipeda, specially created for the ferry operator DFDS restaurants Mare Balticum. The menu inspired by the cuisine of the Baltic Sea region can be tasted by passengers sailing on DFDS ferries to Germany from Sweden.

"We were really looking forward to the new menu, because now we have a great combination on the ferries - the chef and the sea. We are happy with the creative partnership with Deivydas Praspaliauskas - he is one of the strongest and most original chefs in the Baltic region, so the menu he created is a sign of quality, ”says Robertas Kogelis, DFDS Ship Director for the Baltics. , working on four DFDS ferries sailing in the Baltic Sea, to provide the same quality of chef everywhere.

A menu inspired by the Baltic Sea region

Presenting the new menu, D. Praspaliauskas emphasized his connections with the cuisine and traditions of the Baltic Sea region. “We have great products, interesting tastes, some have been loved and appreciated for a long time, and today we give them new colors. For example, Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians have always loved herring, it has remained an irreplaceable fish during the holidays, but the herring presented in the Mare Baltic restaurant is an interpretation of traditional taste, ”says D. Praspaliauskas.

The new menu also includes more fish dishes: trout Ceviche, tuna salad, fried dorada, stark. According to D. Praspaliauskas, seafood contains many substances that are useful for our health, therefore it is recommended to include them in our daily diet. “I hope the menu I created will help me discover new flavors and expand my list of favorite fish. Here is the stork - one of the most valued fish in the Baltic Sea, which can grow over a meter in length and weigh up to 20 kg. Properly prepared sturgeon can be tastier than salmon - this fish is unbranched and very juicy, so it is suitable for making even sushi, ”says D. Praspaliauskas.

A journey through the tastes of the sea

When creating the new menu for Mare Balticum restaurants, Deivydas Praspaliauskas sought to discover the other side of the Baltic region's cuisine, so the menu includes both red meat and poultry dishes: “Sometimes it is forgotten that since ancient times the people of the Baltic region have been hunting and often complemented the table of the nobility. The new menu also features a piece of this story - a venison tartar, reminiscent of the great diversity of the Baltic Sea region. ”

For meat lovers, D. Praspaliauskas offers to taste beef steak. "Beef is special in that it is extremely low in fat, contains B vitamins, zinc, iron, amino acids and minerals. Beef became popular in our countries in the 18th century. and is one of the most popular dishes today. It is true that we also prepare Mare Balticum especially for it, ”says D. Praspaliauskas.

Dinner is the beginning of a holiday trip

"We are optimistic about the beginning of the summer and are waiting for travelers who rediscover overseas trips and return to the ferries. A great start to the holiday is a top-class dinner at the floating restaurant Mare Balticum, created by one of the most famous chefs, ”says Robertas Kogelis.

The director of DFDS ship services for the Baltics notices that a ferry trip and a gourmet dinner on the sea waves are a great gift and idea to start the holiday. "The trend of this season is travel by car, camper to more remote, less visited places. The beginning of such a trip can be seasoned with a dinner prepared by the chefs and a sunset watched from the ferry deck, ”advises R. Kogel.

This year, DFDS celebrates its 20th anniversary in Lithuania and invites you to discover sea voyages. Dishes created by D. Praspaliauskas can already be tasted on DFDS ferries sailing from Klaipeda to Kiel (Germany) and Karlsham (Sweden), and soon it will also appear on ferries sailing from Paldiski (Estonia) to Kapelskar (Sweden).


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