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Holiday with children

Holidays with children: what to look for

Traveling with children can be a challenge, but when properly prepared, they are much more likely to give an indelible impression. Travel-loving mothers say that holidays with young family members help them learn and improve faster, and traveling with the family strengthens the bond between parents and children.

Agnė Chsanauskaitė, a representative of the group "Traveling Mothers", which is active on the social network Facebook, states that while traveling, children learn faster, acquire new skills, and holiday memories and travel experiences bring the family closer. However, for a vacation to be successful and to leave only the best impressions, it is important to plan your trip carefully, to think about whether the place you are going to visit is suitable for a family vacation.

Travel encourages children to learn

Agnė Chsanauskaitė states that both adults and children relax more during the holidays, which allows them to absorb information and learn faster: “After talking to a psychologist, I learned that people, separated from everyday life, better accept information from the environment, learn new things, improve their skills. skills. This rule applies not only to adults but also to children. When traveling, children learn the language much faster, and if the child is small, he or she can learn to walk or swim faster. In Thailand, during a family vacation, our child started to speak much more clearly, in cohesive sentences, he learned to use the toilet, eat with tools, learned to swim short distances, ”the traveler shared.

When traveling, children can not only acquire new skills, but also experience a sense of unexpected discoveries, get to know the world, see what they have never seen before. “During the trips, the children's worldview is expanded, they are introduced to a different environment, different cultures, different traditions. Children learn understanding, respect for another culture, a country. Such trips provide impressions, good emotions, they also broaden the child's horizons, the child learns to be tolerant, accept and respect foreigners, which is very important for a growing child, "said the representative of" Traveling Mother ".

Mistakes parents make when traveling with children

When preparing for a trip with young children, it is worth remembering that unplanned events sometimes occur while traveling, which can be extremely unpleasant: a child or other family member may be injured or ill. Agnė Chsanauskaitė says that parents sometimes forget to take care of an elementary travel pharmacy. She also advises families to take out travel insurance to protect against various risks.

According to A. Chsanauskaitė, parents often make a mistake without carefully considering whether the hotel or other accommodation is suitable for living with their little ones: “Staying in a good, family-friendly hotel will be quiet, as there are sidewalks, passages, tidy surroundings and really comfortable It is impossible or very difficult to move with children, ”says the traveler.

Parents who are just getting ready to start traveling with their children should not be in a hurry to go on very long trips. Agnė suggests getting to know Europe first: “For inexperienced travelers, we always recommend choosing a holiday in Europe. Traveling in Europe is much simpler, easier and safer, you will always find family-friendly accommodation and help. Families who already have skills are experienced in traveling, often planning trips, destinations and routes themselves. ”

Ferries are fun for families

Although families mostly chose to travel by plane during the pre-pandemic period, there has been a recent interest in traveling by car and ferry. The growing popularity of this method of travel was due to the fact that it is possible to take a ferry with your own car, there is a possibility to take the desired amount of things with you, which is especially important for families who are ready to travel. Agnė Chsanauskaitė, a representative of the Traveling Mothers group, was pleased with the experience of ferry trips: “I and my colleagues had to travel by ferry or cruise ship a lot. This way of traveling with a child is comfortable and good. "

Vaidas Klumbys, the communication manager of DFDS, one of the largest ferry operators in Europe for the Baltic States, says that during the spring and summer holidays, many traveling families with children can be met on the ferries. The passenger survey shows that families traveling by ferry feel comfortable, safe, and children really like such trips: “The cabins on the ferries are comfortable and suitable for traveling with children. We have games rooms and restaurants with a special menu for children. Probably the favorite pastime for families traveling by ferry is to take a walk on the deck, admire the sea and the sunset, ”says V. Klumbys.

Although the possibilities of traveling abroad are currently limited, V. Klumbys calls for planning a trip now. For those who have purchased advance tickets, DFDS guarantees that the travel date can be changed once free of charge if the plans change. In addition, a paid coronavirus test can be performed at the passenger terminal in Klaipeda from the end of February. "Germany and Sweden require passengers to have at least 48 hours of arrival on arrival. therefore, together with our partners, we took care of the possibility to perform such a test before starting the ferry trip, ”says the DFDS communication manager.


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