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Famous ship restaurants. What did the passengers of the Titanic eat?

April 15th is the 109th anniversary of the legendary ship Titanic which collided with an iceberg and sank during its first voyage. It was one of the most tragic maritime disasters of all time, accompanied by a wide variety of legends to this day. But rarely does anyone wonder what the passengers of the ship ate and drank on that fateful day. The famous Lithuanian chef Deivydas Praspaliauskas, who has created a new menu for restaurants operating on DFDS ferries, invites you to get acquainted with the Titanic menu.

XX a. At the beginning of the 19th century, the most luxurious ship Titanic sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. passengers and crew, so a long voyage required a lot of food supplies. The ship was loaded with 34,000 kg of meat, 4,990 kg of fresh fish, 40 tons of potatoes, 40,000 eggs, 7,000 heads of salad, 4,536 kg of sugar, 250 barrels of flour, 36,000 apples, 1,500 gallons of milk and 15,000 bottles of beer. "However, it should be noted that the passengers on the ship received different food depending on their class," says D. Praspaliauskas.

The food of the lowest class passengers is better than at home

Traditionally, breakfast in the UK has been a very important part of the day since ancient times, so even Titanic third-class passengers enjoyed a delicious and hearty meal in the morning. “The day before the ship sank, the lower class passengers tasted oatmeal with milk in the morning, smoked herring, fried potatoes, ham and eggs, bread with butter, marmalade, and drank tea and coffee. During lunch, passengers in this class could taste rice soup, bread, homemade biscuits, beef steak with brown sauce, sweet corn, boiled potatoes, plum pudding, sweet sauce and fruit, ”says D. Praspaliauskas.

The boss says third-class passengers did not eat dinner because during that time, dinner was an exclusive second- and first-class privilege. “Instead of dinner, late snacks were served: cold meat, cheese, pickles, fresh bread with butter and tea. A pudding with stewed figs and rice was also made. Passengers often received liquid porridge, crackers, cheese, ”says the chef, adding that the food of the lowest class passengers was considered the worst, but for many travelers, such meals were a luxury that they could not afford at home.

Second-class passengers - high-protein meals

Although second-class passengers had fewer choices on the menu than first-class passengers, the food prepared by the best chefs was extremely high quality and very different from the third-class menu. "The breakfast menu was full of dishes that did not lack protein: passengers could taste smoked herring, beef kidney, bacon, sausage, grilled ham and fried eggs, buckwheat cake, scones," says D. Praspaliauskas

Guests in this class were able to taste pea soup, spaghetti with cheese, fried lamb, beef steaks, vegetable dumplings, potatoes, sausages, beef tongue, pickles and salad on the last lunch menu of the ship. After lunch, passengers ate dessert, which they could choose from several options: tapioca pudding, apple pie, fresh fruit, cheese, biscuits and coffee. "These American and British dishes were prepared in the same kitchen as the first-class passengers, but they didn't look as impressive as the first-class meals," the chef shares.

The last dishes on the second-class menu, eaten by many passengers, were extremely delicious. “Passengers enjoyed tapioca soup, and after tasting it, they could choose one of four main dishes: fried black cod with spicy sauce, fried chicken and rice, lamb with mint sauce, or turkey steak with cranberry sauce. Peas, turnip puree, boiled and fried potatoes and rice were served together, ”says D. Praspaliauskas

First class passenger dinner - even from 11 dishes

The chef says the main difference between first- and second-class breakfasts was that high-end passengers were able to order what they wanted most, such as an omelette, cutlet and steak. This class could also choose from four differently boiled eggs, a wide variety of fish species, or even three differently prepared potatoes.

Over lunch, the richest passengers could find veal and ham cakes, shrimp and chicken dishes, and Norwegian anchovies on the hearty buffet. “After the snacks, passengers had the opportunity to order barbecue dishes, which they could choose from a very wide menu, so everyone could discover the food they liked best. The most popular were lamb, duck and beef with fried butter or boiled potatoes, peas, carrots and rice, ”says D. Praspaliauskas.

First-class passengers had one bite of sandwiches, oysters and enjoyed veal soup decorated with scallops over dinner. Steamed salmon was also prepared, and passengers chose a main course from two dishes: a beef medallion and French chicken with stuffed vegetables. “After eating, first-class passengers drank rum and continued the feast by tasting a fried dove with asparagus salad and saffron champagne vinegar and pate with celery. During dinner, the first class could taste as many as eleven dishes, ”says the chef.

The sea inspired the creation of a new menu for ferries

The menu of the famous chef David Praspaliauskas, inspired by the sea, will soon be available on DFDS ferries. D. Praspaliauskas added duck and fish and beef dishes to his menu. “Beef steak has long been a favorite of boat restaurant visitors, so you will definitely find this delicious dish on the DFDS ferry. Duck dishes were also on the menu, and duck was also served to first-class passengers on the Titanic. Well, of course, how not to taste fish dishes while sailing at sea? On the menu you will find tuna salad, trout ceviche, seafood soups, ”says D. Praspaliauskas.


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