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Interview with DFDS employees

Employees talk about half a year's vacation, the romance of the sea and the longing for the family

Working at sea: I repeat to myself and others for a while that this is only a temporary activity, but the rhythm dictated by the waves is so engaging that when you look back you see that you have spent five, ten or more years on board. This is what Bogdanas Migunovas and Pavelas Alioškinas, who work on ferries from Lithuania to other countries, say.

The men, chosen by colleagues as the best employees at DFDS, say that working at sea is full of unpredictable challenges, when it is necessary to stay calm and calm another. "But you work for a month - you rest for another. In other words, you work for half a year and rest for half a year,” says P. Alioškinas, who has been working for the ferry company for almost 15 years and now holds the position of service manager at Optima Seaways.

To the sea - immediately after the engagement

Pavelas colleague Bogdanas Migunovas is Regina Seaways' chief customer officer and has been working on the ship for eight years.

"I remember the beginning of the work very well, because I had just proposed to my wife. I received a call and an offer to work on board for three months to sail to another country. I agreed and gained valuable experience. I came back and got married. This year, my wife and I will be celebrating the seventh anniversary of the wedding,” says Bogdanas, and admits that thoughts about a family at sea visits him all the time.

“It was hard at first, getting used to it makes it easier. We have a lot of pets in the house, they always need care and attention. So, time is running fast for my wife without me," says Bogdanas.

"Family is my greatest asset," says Alioškinas, who is raising two young children with his wife. He says he gives his relatives complete weeks off work. "I take the children out of kindergarten, we play and have fun together," says the interlocutor. I have enough experience working in the kitchen. After all, I came to DFDS as an assistant chef - I had to work in the space next to the children's room, and in the Captain's Bar. "No one in my family really complains about my dishes."

The most important thing is to evaluate everything logically

In his spare time, Alioškinas practices Wing Chun Kung Fu, engages in the art of Hussar's sword, and reads books.

"Sport is more than a hobby for me, it's an art. I started playing sports for myself and over time I felt such a passion that gave me the determination and perseverance to become an instructor. Because it is a martial art, it develops emotional state management, which has helped me in all other areas of life. Faced with a tense situation, I learned to look at myself as if from the sidelines, calm down, and make informed decisions. I think both colleagues and customers nearby feel this. I always try to help the person around me, ”says Optima Seaways Service Manager, who explains the principles of his life and work. Human values and efforts to implement them were the main focus of most DFDS people who voted in the employee election of the year. Pavelas and Bogdanas have been recognized as colleagues that others are most keen to follow.

"We always try to be the best we can be. As one hero says in a popular game, “Don't be sorry, be better, "says B. Migunovas. According to him, patience, peace and professionalism of colleagues, as well as various courses and trainings help to be better at work.

Bogdanas believes that every situation can be viewed humanly, trying to understand the motives of the other person's behavior. "Customers feel this quickly, we earn trust, so we avoid conflicts and find a suitable solution for everyone," says the specialist.

There are romances, but the works are not waiting

This winter at sea is stormy, making more adrenaline in their daily lives. What about romance?

"Outsiders often imagine working on a ship as full of romance: seagulls, the sea, the stars, sailors' uniforms," smiles Alioškinas. It's more like math than romance."

"However, there are really unique images in the sea. The sun that emerges after a storm. Complete stillness when the surface of the water is like a mirror. Bright stars - without the light noise that spreads in cities. It is difficult to tell such images and emotions, you have to see them for yourself, ”says Pavelas Bogdanas.

What if the ferry is hit by a storm? "We have complete confidence in our captains and crew, so we feel calm inside, even though the waves are raging. This peace of mind is also passed on to passengers - they feel assured of security. It is most pleasant when the passengers leave the ferry and say that they will definitely return and travel with us again, ”says Bogdanas, who recognizes many regular customers from afar.


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