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Travel boost is planned in summer

Travel increase is expected in summer months

Most Lithuanians plan their next trip abroad in the summer months - in July and August. This is earlier than Latvians or Estonians, most of whom plan their trips no earlier than a year later, according to a survey of travelers conducted by DFDS.

“We conduct a monthly survey of residents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Germany in order to determine the moods and attitudes of travelers towards foreign trips. The general trend is that for travelers, the limitations of the pandemic and the fear of becoming infected are still the main factor, so most respondents plan trips no earlier than after 3 months. However, the vaccine raises the optimism of travelers - as much as 40 percent. Lithuanians would travel earlier if they were vaccinated, ”says Neringa Sinkevičienė, DFDS Marketing Campaign Manager for Baltic Routes.

Residents of Latvia and Estonia are more cautious - travel plans abroad would receive only 20% earlier after receiving the vaccination. Latvians and 27 percent. Estonian. The Germans stand out the most - as much as 50 percent. Germans advance travel plans after receiving the vaccine. This trend is growing for the third month in a row - compared to January, as much as 13 percent. more Germans would like to travel earlier after being vaccinated. "

According to Neringa Sinkevičienė, it is probable that some Germans will consider the Baltic countries when choosing the direction of travel: “The study shows that 40 percent. of the respondents, the Baltic states remain as attractive as before the pandemic, and 8 per cent say the trend attracts them even more. Probably here is what all travelers of the pandemic are looking for: a lot of nature, conditions to travel by car, low population density and the possibility to limit contact with others. "

Last minute decision to travel

Neringa Sinkevičienė notices that the habits of travelers are changing: "Before the pandemic, people tried to plan trips and buy tickets in advance, now we see that most leave the decision to the last minute."

The survey shows that 65 percent. Lithuanians, 66 percent. Latvians and 78 percent. Estonian final decision at the last minute or much closer to the planned date. However, summer vacation and travel plans are being developed right now. Most Lithuanians plan to book a trip abroad in May-June, and to travel in July and August.

"July is the most popular month in Lithuania, August is not far behind. Almost half of the respondents plan trips abroad in these months. Latvians and Estonians who travel less than a year later meet more often in August, while Germans meet in September. This reflects the different approaches of these states to travel during a pandemic. Lithuanians are showing exceptional optimism, which is why the first ones are rushing to travel, ”concludes N. Sinkevičienė.

The expected amount of expenses does not change

When asked about spending on holidays and travel abroad, about half of the respondents said that the pandemic did not change or changed their spending basket significantly, so they plan to spend a similar amount on holidays and travel as before. About a third of Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians will spend a little less on travel and only a small part plan higher expenses. "The choices and costs of people who are ready to travel are determined by the way they travel and the additional costs involved. We see that the safety factor remains paramount when choosing a vehicle, so we are increasingly considering traveling in our own car. Those wishing to reach Germany or Scandinavia are also keen to consider ferry trips, where it is easiest to avoid contact with other people. Buses and trains are the most questionable - people avoid long journeys indoors, ”comments N. Sinkevičienė.

Despite the difficulties and challenges of travel, the number of people who miss travel is growing - almost 20%. Lithuanians surveyed say that the desire to travel is even stronger than before the pandemic. According to Neringa Sinkevičienė, travelers are patiently waiting, monitoring the situation and waiting for the summer: “Last year's Baltic bubble provided an opportunity to travel safely around neighboring countries. We hope that this bubble will cover all the countries of the Baltic Sea this year. "


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