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What does Kiel offer to travellers?

Although much of Europe is still closed to tourists, the vaccination that has been launched gives hope that travel will recover during the warm season. If you are looking for interesting short-term trips and want to get to know the Old Continent better, it is worth visiting the northern German city of Kiel. This city is famous for its port city, shipping and impressive 13th century history. Kiel is one of the first Hanseatic, trade and political union cities to attract thousands of merchants from all over Europe.

Unfortunately, Kiel did not preserve the architectural heritage of the Middle Ages - during World War II, the port city was destroyed to its foundations, but the rebuilt Kiel did not lose its vibrant spirit and invites travelers to visit one of the most famous industrial cities in Germany today.

When you arrive in the city, you can admire not only the ports and impressive architecture, but also the well-groomed parks, areas and events. So our focus is on Kiel, who cherishes centuries-old traditions.

Kiel regatta

Kiel hosts one of the largest sailing events in the world, lasting almost 140 years, attracting up to 5,000 sailors, 2,000 ships and 3 million visitors from all over Europe each year. It is surprising that Lithuanians go to this regatta not only to observe the competition, but also to actively participate in it and achieve good results.

During a stressful competition, visitors to Kiel can relax, have fun and have a good time, usually at free concerts by famous bands. During this week, guests of the city can enjoy thousands of activities, various entertainment, art, science, sports events, sailing parades. The week-long Kiel Regatta usually takes place in the last week of June, but the date may change due to weather conditions.

Warleberger Hof Museum

Kiel has long been Germany’s main naval base, so during the Second World War the city suffered far more bombings than most other cities in the country. However, Kiel can be found in the 17th century. A residence built for Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, where you can admire sandstone arches, beautiful ceilings, silk wallpaper, exclusive frescoes.

The wine cellar of the residence is noteworthy, with many arches, and between the 18th century. ceramic works - faience and silverware you can see a well that is still not short of water. The ground floor of the building hosts exhibitions marking Kiel’s past, which are constantly changing.

Kiel Town Hall

1911 built town hall has adorned Kiel for over 100 years. Looking at the town hall tower, one can immediately see its incredible resemblance to St. Mark's Bell Tower in Venice. This 106-meter tower, visible from the farthest corners of the city, entices travelers to visit it and admire the spectacular panorama of the city. Another distinctive feature of this place is the open lift, which in this town hall is one of the last operating lifts of this type in the world.

The town hall is the most popular meeting place for residents, where you will see children baptizing, coffee townspeople of all ages and guests of Kiel. Inside the building is the city's administrative center, which houses the city council and other institutions involved in the management of Kiel.

Bülk lighthouse

It is the oldest lighthouse in Kiel, located on a small promontory in the western fjord. The lighthouse was built in 1807. and belonged to the Danes, but became operational only in 1815 due to the Napoleonic Wars. An interesting fact - in 1843 the lighthouse was almost completely destroyed by lightning!

The height of the restored lighthouse is 25.6 m. It glows red at night, thus informing ships of the treacherous, sandy and shallow coast.

Climbing to the top of the lighthouse offers views of stunning beauty, as well as other famous attractions in Kiel, such as the 80-meter-high Memorial of Honor. There is a café on the ground floor of the lighthouse, where visitors can buy hot drinks, cakes and other snacks.

Kiel sprats

Those who come to this famous port city must taste the famous local delicacies - sprats. Extremely carefully prepared sprats in this city are a real delicacy.

Authentic Kieler Sprotte is only caught and prepared when it grows up to 10 centimeters. Sprats are smoked in a wood-fired oven over beech and alder twigs, then the prepared fish is served in special wooden boxes. These sprats are eaten immediately due to their excellent preparation and tenderness, without cutting, leaving the head, tail and bones, but those who do not feel bold eating the whole fish can remove their head and pull the bones through the tail in one easy movement.

Holstenstraße and Citti-Park

Those who like shopping in Kiel will not miss great shopping places. One of them is Holstenstraße. This street, which connects huge shops, is probably the oldest in the city. During the war, it was almost completely destroyed, and after reconstruction in 1953–1957. became the first pedestrian street in West Germany.

Holstenstraße has always been a traditional shopping area in Kiel. The famous German department store Saturn is also located on the street. On rainy, lazy days, guests can visit Citti-Park, Kiel’s largest shopping mall with its famous fast-fashion shops. With over 60 shops, Citti-Park does not lack cozy cafes and bakeries, so those who are hungry will not have to look far for a delicious meal.

Germany is popular with travellers

According to Vaidas Klumbis, DFDS's Head of Public Relations and Communications for the Baltic States, Germany remains one of the most popular destinations among Lithuanians. "According to our research, 13 percent. respondents said that trips to Germany seem more attractive than before the pandemic. 50 percent respondents plan to go on holidays on their next short trips abroad. With the release of travel restrictions, Germany will remain one of the most popular choices for travelers, "says V. Klumbys.

With the start of the public vaccination process, it is expected that the number of travelers abroad will only increase. DFDS’s communications manager says the study revealed that nearly 40 percent of individuals would start traveling earlier if vaccinated. "As Europe begins to vaccinate, we are seeing a change in people's perceptions of travel opportunities in the near future. We believe that the number of travelers should increase after the mass vaccination ", - assured Vaidas Klumbys

From January 25. DFDS is running a pre-bidding campaign: until February 28th. it is possible to buy tickets with 30 percent. discount on family tickets and camper trips. Those who want to visit the cities of the Baltic Sea countries with pets apply as much as 50 percent. discount on an animal ticket. By purchasing advance tickets, DFDS guarantees that the travel date can be changed once free of charge if the plans change.


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