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Rotation of vessels on North Sea routes

4 April, 2012 Copenhagen
Changes to the vessel fleet in the North Sea routes

​DFDS will make several changes to the vessel fleet which serves the North Sea routes. ANGLIA SEAWAYS, which has been operating on the Rotterdam-Immingham route for several months, will now be positioned to the Zeebrugge - Rosyth route. As a consequence FINLANDIA SEAWAYS will transfer to the Cuxhaven - Immingham route and replacing TOR DANIA, which is going off charter and back to her owner.

The relocation of ANGLIA SEAWAYS follows weaker than anticipated support noticeably on the Immingham - Rotterdam morning departure. The number of departures will go back to six departures per week.

Kell Robdrup, Head of DFDS North Sea routes says: "Our broad network of 25 routes throughout Northern Europe gives us a high flexibility to relocate vessels whenever needed. Due to this, DFDS can always offer the available capacity that our customers need. We are now reacting to changes in volumes on the North Sea routes. By adapting the tonnage on routes from Zeebrugge, Rotterdam and Cuxhaven, we make the most efficient use of our fleet and offer a very competitive service. The relocation will take effect by the end of April".

Please consult our website for new schedules and contact details of our local offices.



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