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Climate Action Plan

Getting Our House in Order

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10% of our total emissions are not ship-related

Most of our emissions come from our vessels. The remaining 10% come from our facilities, terminal equipment, trucks in logistics, energy consumption in buildings and the vehicles we use.

By getting our house in order, we mean looking at sustainability in a broader sense. We need to take everything into account, the entire circle of procurement, production, use, and waste. We are dissecting all the every-day activities that have nothing to do with ship fuel and seeing how we can do things smarter and better.

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Locally driven initiatives

DFDS’ overall environmental performance is the sum of the environmental efforts of all our locations. In each location initiatives aim to reduce waste and use of electricity and at the same time increase share of renewables, electric vehicles, and recycling.

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Testing small to possibly apply on a grander scale later

By looking at all the smaller components of our carbon footprint we get to be creative, experiment and try new things. Maybe a new waste management system tested in one location proves to be so fruitful that the rest of us can benefit from it, too? Perhaps we could use methanol additives in our truck fuel to make diesel last longer – and if that works, perhaps we can also use it on our vessels?

In general, we are trying to make our business more electric and less fuel-driven, and all these smaller initiatives are a great way of testing what works and what doesn’t, in a true team effort.

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Improving our road fleet

We invest in trucks with the highest possible Euro class engines to reduce exhaust emissions and ensure optimal safety and efficiency. 98% of our trucks live up to the highest EU emission standards.

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Short-term Climate Plan

Our short-term goal is to reduce emissions by about 45% from 2008 to 2030 through continuous improvement.

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Long-term Climate Plan

DFDS wants to be climate neutral by 2050. This will require development and use of new fuel types.



You can find answers to your questions about CO2 and how we measure our emissions here.