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Attention adventure-seekers and wildlife enthusiasts!

ORCA have made their data collection app OceanWatchers available to everyone! Join them onboard and become an OceanWatcher For The Day. Explore the app's I-Spy at sea function with resources to deepen your knowledge about cetaceans while recording your sightings. At the end of your sailing, you might find yourself wanting to become a trained OceanWatcher and contribute to ORCA’s official dataset as a citizen scientist, you can do so by signing up here.  

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Before you board…

To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend passengers to download the DFDS app prior to boarding to access ORCA I-Spy at sea via the Profile section. The app can function offline, but you will need internet connection to download it. Please note that WiFi onboard is available for a fee.

We have prepared the Ultimate Beginner’s Sealife Spotting Guide for you so you can begin your marine wildlife adventure fully prepared!

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Follow our guide for the best app experience

Start your I-Spy adventure today! Use the DFDS app to get to I-Spy with ORCA and head to the Observation Deck for an unforgettable experience. It is time to begin your survey - pick the perfect spot on deck and use the app to write down details about the observers and conditions during your deck watch. Get ready to witness the wonders of marine wildlife!

Spot the marine mammals!

Get to know the amazing species which you can encounter on our DFDS routes, via an all-in-one handy guide in the app. Do not stress about getting every detail correct down to subspecies level - just let us know if you spot a whale, dolphin, or porpoise, and how many you see! And do not forget to share your thoughts and observations by leaving comments in your reports.

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About ORCA

ORCA is a remarkable UK-based whale and dolphin conservation charity and long-time partner of DFDS. With education and citizen science at the core of their mission, ORCA educate the public and recruits passionate people to collect crucial data on marine wildlife. You can support ORCA by engaging in their onboard programmes which are run on our Newcastle-Amsterdam (King Seaways), and select Newhaven-Dieppe sailings, or you can directly donate to ORCA here.

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