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20 travel ideas for 2022

20 travel ideas for 2022

Who doesn’t love to travel? Planning them alone gives you a great feeling and waiting for them is a great excitement! The New Year promises new adventures every year, so maybe it's time to think about 2021 travel? Here are 20 ideas for the 2022 travel season.

Ice hotel in Sweden
Hotel in a tree
Ghost hotel in Denmark
Lighthouse hotel in Germany
Castlehotel Schönburg

Viešbutis – kelionės tikslas? Kodėl ne?

Ice hotel in Sweden

Constructed of ice and snow, the Ice Hotel is truly an adventure in your mind. Regardless of the outside temperature, the hotel maintains a constant temperature of about -5 degrees Celsius. Incredible decorations, walls, columns - made of ice. After a night's sleep in a warm sleeping bag, you will have a sauna, warm drinks and breakfast. A true Nordic experience.


Hotel on the top of a tree

Breathtaking views of Swedish nature, the first rays of the sun in the morning or the North glow at night - all from the window. The Treehouse Hotel offers 7 different rooms atop tree tops, forget it all, look at the tree you choose, and enjoy - this experience will truly fulfill the dream of an innate child!


Make friends with ... ghosts in Denmark

Are you a horror movie lover and have a fun holiday - Halloween? Then test your courage in a year-round hotel! Do you dare to spend the whole night there? Dragsholm Castle is proud of its long and interesting history, but it is most intriguing that there are not one but three friendly ghosts in the castle. Visit and meet the Gray Lady and other ghosts of the castle.


Hotel at two lighthouse in Germany

A romantic getaway for two, where nothing will bother you and you can only spend time with each other ... Try a hotel in a dormant lighthouse in Germany that can accommodate only 2 guests at a time. The room is spread over three floors with a modern design, and in the morning you can meet the sun from the balcony at the top of the lighthouse.


The royal experience

Go back to a thriving aristocracy and enjoy a royal rest at Schönburg Castle in Oberwesel, Germany. The castle dates back to the 10th century. A fortress built on the edge of a cliff, you will be greeted with royal luxury. In addition to the hotel and restaurant, the castle also houses a museum where you can learn more about local history.


Trolltunga, Norway
Wadden Sea
Dog sled

Nature miracles

Breathtaking Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights - a breathtaking sight. If you decide that this year's destination will be her - we suggest you go to Abisk, Sweden. Located on the shores of Lake Tornetresque, 70 kilometers long, Abisko is almost always clear due to favorable natural conditions, no matter what the weather is. Therefore, you will most likely see the incredible play of colors in the sky with extreme vividness.


Test courage on Troll's tongue

Standing on this rock in Norway, you will feel as if you are standing on the edge of the world. But it has to be acknowledged, it's not that easy - it takes up to 12 hours to get to the tongue and back, 22 kilometers on foot. However, due to the scenery of southern Norway overlooking this place and the thrill of being so high, traveling is definitely worth it.


Be patient and see the whales

Tune in comfortably, set up your camera and keep your eyes on the horizon - get ready for the moment you meet a real whale - face to face. Whales on the Tromsø coast appear most often, so you will have the most chance to meet these giants. You can see as many as three whale species in Norway. You only realize the size of these animals when you see them, and if you choose to go on a small boat, you will experience a truly spectacular and wavy journey to your destination!


Walk down to the sea floor

Sea to roads? Make this saying a reality! In Lower Saxony, Germany, you can try out-of-the-box entertainment - hiking the wadding sea floor to nearby islands. During certain hours, when the water is submerged, you can embark on 7-12 kilometer hikes, which will take you straight, and sometimes wake, to the seabed.


Ride on sled dogs

Going to visit Santa Claus in Lapland? Don't miss the opportunity to have fun with your grandfather's sleigh-like doggie sled. In Sweden, at the ski resort of Kiruna, you can try sledging, kinky dogs. The tour will be guided by experienced instructors, so all you have to do is enjoy the views and the light influx of adrenaline. If you are a bit skilful, you can also try hiking on a sled for several days. And don't forget to bring a treat to your helpers!


Berlin wall
Volkswagen museum
Kronborg castle
Drottningholm Palace Theatre

For culture and technology lovers

Berlin wall

See with your own eyes an object whose fall meant not only the end of a building but also an era. The Berlin Wall collapsed 30 years ago, but it is still a visited site not only for German reunification but also for the Iron Curtain. Some parts have now become street art canvas, others are memorials, no matter which part you visit, the image will remain in memory for a long time to come.


Become a Viking for a short while

Are you a fan of old European history or the Vikings? Would you like to get a closer look at this culture, or maybe get a feel for the role of these fearless warriors? The Viking Museum in Roskilde boasts as many as 5 authentic Viking ships. Boats are over 1000 years old, and the museum offers daily guided tours of the Viking era.

Those who want to dress in Viking clothes and embark on a reconstructed ship will surely feel the atmosphere of those times. More:

Volkswagen Museum

Get in touch with the latest Porche, Lamborghini, or Mercedes, or take photos of the first Volswagen Beetle, all in one place. With 25 acres of entertainment and car history, this museum is definitely worth spending the whole day. In Wolfsburg (Germany) you will see iconic classic cars and the latest sports cars, many technological innovations. This museum prides itself on the traditional German sausages produced there, which are recommended by almost every traveler.


Kronborg Castle

Go into Shakespearean times and get a feel for the role of Hamlet, as you can now see with your own eyes the castle where the famous play took place. A UNESCO World Heritage Site will take you at least a few hundred years back; the fortress hides tunnels, underground prisons and is surrounded by a cannon defensive wall. When you arrive here, be sure to visit the chapel and admire the authentic wood carvings with richly decorated interiors.


One of the oldest theaters in the world

This is a place that Sweden is proud of, and you will be proud to visit it because you will see something unique! Built in 1766, the Royal Drottningholm Palace Theater is one of the oldest in the world. The stage mechanisms are hand-operated, as well as manually interchangeable and 30 authentic wallpapers, for a truly unforgettable experience.


Midsummer festival
Tivoli park
Roncalli circus
Heide park - Big Loop
Christmas market in Gothenburg


Mid-Summer Festival

Songs, dances, squads and other merry-go-round over Midsummer Day, but do you know that this holiday is celebrated in Sweden as well. Indeed, it is one of the most tumultuous festivals in this country. The roots of the festival go back to pagan times, when the shortest night of the year is celebrated, and it is also a celebration of love and life. This June, let yourself discover a different side of Midsummer and see how the Scandinavians do it!


Tivoli Park

No matter what time of year you come here, Tivoli Park in the Danish capital Copenhagen will take away the promise. It is one of the oldest theme parks in Europe where children and adults can find activities. When you arrive during the big holidays of the year, you will surely get a festive mood and Tivoli will certainly be charmed by millions of holiday lights.


Innovative circus

Imagine a circus where you can enjoy spectacular animal performances, but at the same time you will not find any wild animals enclosed in a cage. Sounds incredible? That is exactly what the Roncalli Circus in Germany introduced to the world in 2019. Go back to your childhood and enjoy the circus Roncalli during their tours.

Tickets and more info:

Heide Park

One of the most famous amusement parks in the world, located near the city of Hamburg and boasting a Guinness record. Water rides, Indian canoes, rafting, actors' shows, exhibitions and many more for small and large. For adrenaline lovers, the park offers some of the largest roller coasters in Europe, giving you speeds of up to 100 km / h.

DFDS customers at this fleet can only benefit from a 40 percent discount on ferry passengers. More:

Christmas Fair in Gothenburg

Millions of Christmas lights, roasted almonds and hot wine, Christmas songs and fairy tales, the scent of gingerbread - the Christmas fair's true way to get the festive mood. Liseberg Amusement Park opens the largest Christmas market in Sweden, offering handmade sweets, toasted almonds and hot chocolate. Original Christmas decorations, wreaths, decorative candles and holiday gifts are available here.


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