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Travel ideas for 2022

We all enjoy relaxing, including discovering exciting places, visiting new destinations, or rediscovering places we've been to. Scandinavia is an ideal destination for both short and long holidays. We have put together 20 different travel ideas for you for 2022 which you can add to your wish list.

Mother and daughter in a cabin
Children in a sea view cabin
Dog in a cabin
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__Calm and relaxing ferry trip __

1. You sleep - we sail

Before boarding the ship you will be able to do all the necessary things at home and pack, as the ship will leave Sweden in the evening. When you sleep, we sail! And the next morning you are at a destination where you can continue your journey.

2. Wonderful sea views

Sunset, stars, sunrise - this is one of the bonuses of a ferry trip. Travel in a seaview cabin and enjoy the wonderful views that nature offers you during your sea trip.

3. Travel with your pet

Did you know that your pet does not have to stay home when traveling with our ferries? Our Swedish line ship has pet-freindly cabins so you can enjoy a boat trip with your favorite. Welcome aboard!

4. Free meals on board

During a 3-hour boat trip from Paldiski to the seaside small town of Hanko, known as Finland's Summer Capital No.1, you can enjoy a complimentary meal at the ship's buffet restaurant as well as wonderful sea views.

Cafe in Sweden
Amusement park
Dog sled
Swedish castle

Exciting taste experiences and activities in Sweden

8. Cup of coffee and time spent together

Fika is much more than just a cup of coffee. It's a good reason to get together with friends or family for a good time and enjoy a great coffee and snack. Fika-break has a long tradition in Sweden and is very popular. Get some magic moments on board our ship!

9. A little salt for life

If seafood is one of your favorites and you want a unique experience, it is definitely worth the trip to the Bohuslän region of Sweden, where you can fish with shrimp, mussels, lobsters and meet local fishermen. And what can be better than making delicious food on the spot from your own catch?

10. Amusement or theme park

One pleasant day in Liseberg, the most visited and open year-round amusement park in Sweden, is a breath of fresh air. But if you like the Wild West and want to try your hand at gold screening, the High Chaparral theme park is a place you just can't miss!

11. Dog-friendly ride in Sweden

Get your friends together and have a dog sled through snowy landscapes. This is a great opportunity to enjoy the wonderful winter nature in a slightly different way.

12. Luxury weekend at the castle

Have you ever wondered what life was like in the castles? If you are looking for a luxurious weekend or are planning a mini-vacation, you should visit one of Sweden's 150 castles.

13. The ski slopes invite

It doesn't matter if you are new to skiing or already advanced, there are many ski resorts in Scandinavia of different size and difficulty levels. When you arrive in Sweden in the morning with our ferryt, you have the opportunity to be on the ski slope the same afternoon.

Hotel in a tree
Northern Lights
Whale watching

A day in the middle of nature

14. Sleeping on a tree brings a good night's sleep

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay overnight in a ufo board, birdhouse, or mirror house? Now you have the opportunity! In a wooden hotel in the north of Sweden, you have the opportunity to experience the surrounding nature in the most unique way.

15. The Northern Lights in Lapland

Have you ever seen this unique sight with your own eyes? Swedish Lapland is most likely to see "dancing" northern lights in the sky until March. You just have to be in the right place at the right time!

16. For the passionate fisherman

One passionate fisherman knows where the best fishing spots are and how best to catch the fish. There are thousands of lakes and rivers in Sweden and Finland where you can fish. Take the time and enjoy - no matter the size of the catch, it is a quality time spent in nature.

17. Camp up instead of the comforts of home

Campground on the banks of a river or lake, bathing, barbecuing, baking marshmallows, enjoying peace and quiet. Are you familiar? When was the last time you went camping? If this happened a long time ago, this exciting way to travel would once again be your 2020 destination. Leave the comfort of home for a moment and go camping in Scandinavia with your family or friends.

18. Whale watching in Norway

You need to be in the right place and at the right time to catch the moment the whale comes on the water. If you can't see a whale on your first trip, don't worry - next time you might be lucky! In any case, it's a completely different experience!

19. Look at Norway's natural beauty

Troll tunga (trolltunga) is a piece of rock protruding from a rock, 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatten in the Norwegian mountains. The journey to the Troll Tongue is a long one, but getting there and the wonderful views of nature are worth it.

Roskilde museum

For history enthusiast

20. As a Viking in Roskilde

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark is a true treat for history lovers: in addition to the 5 original ships found during the excavation, the museum displays Viking handicrafts, you can go on guided tours and much more. Those who have dreamed of being a Viking can try it out during school holidays!

Image credit: Mogens Engelund


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