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Gentle hills, untouched old forests and thousands of clear lakes characterise the area in central Lithuania. Large parts of the region are protected and here you will find about 60 percent of domestic animals and plants. The villages with their beautiful churches and homesteads are also worthwhile travel destinations. The best way to experience the pristine landscapes far away from the main roads. Visit the Aukstaitija National Park with its ancient pine forests, castle hills, burial mounds and thatched-roof farmhouses. Enjoy the untouched nature and beauty of the region.


Activities in Central Lithuania

Ladakalnis Hill is the centre of the park and the highest point, overlooking five lakes. With a rowing boat you're in control your own tour, for example you could go to the watermills, the cultural reserve Salos or the beekeeping museum. Central Lithuania is also known for brewing beer, especially in the district of Biržai and in the city of Utena. In Biržai, visit the beer museum and in the three city breweries you can take part in beer tastings. Lithuania's natural resources are indescribably beautiful and are probably among the most beautiful in Europe.

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