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Get to know some of Copenhagen's coolest places

Find out more about all the exciting places that are are on trend and favorites among Copenhageners. Here you will find an overview of our best recommendations of Copenhagen's coolest places to get a better insight into the city, and an experience of Copenhagen's vibrant life.

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The meat packing district in Vesterbro is an area which used to home the city's butchers. In fact, there are still some butchers here, but what attracts visitors is the constant influx of new and hip nightclubs, bars and restaurants.

The buildings and facades are protected, which means that the serving places do not have name tags, so it can be a little difficult to find the best spots. But that doesn't stop Copenhageners from flocking here in high numbers. Particularly in the evening, this is a popular area, filled with good food and drink and swinging rhythms.

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The Standard

The impressive three-leaf clover consisting of Claus Meyer from Noma, Meyers Madhus and jazz musician Niels Lan Doky have joined forces to form The Standard. It has become a restaurant and jazz house in one, where you can enjoy top-notch food while listening to sumptuous live jazz tones. The three restaurants that house the building offer both modern, Nordic and Indian cuisine in pleasant and stylish surroundings. The Jazz Club presents both well-known and upcoming artists who all really set the standard on the intimate stage.

Christiana Copenhagen


This alternative residential area was created in 1971 when several of the residents of Christianshavn broke into a former military area to create a playground for their children. The empty houses that stood there were quickly filled by hippies and drug addicts, but are now a popular tourist attraction. Christiana is a free and self-governing society, where everyone has their own responsibility for the community. There is a quiet village atmosphere in the area, as it differs from the rest of the city by being free of cars. A stroll through Christiana is an experience with its colorful walls and walls, self-built houses and specialty shops.

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