The Danish riviera - Photo Credit: Klaus Bentzen

The Danish Riviera

The Danish riviera - Photo Credit: Niclas Jessen

Experience beautiful beaches in Denmark - take the boat with DFDS

White beaches, small seaside resorts and beautiful sea. The world is full of amazing beaches, and you don't have to travel further than Denmark to find some of Europe's finest.

The Danish Riviera is a pearl row of idyllic small towns, white beaches and exciting experiences in Northern Zealand. And best of all; here there is more than enough room for everyone. If you go to the coast of Zealand, you will not be overcrowded and enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea.

The Danish riviera - Photo Credit: Robin Skjoldborg

Boat to Copenhagen

The 230 kilometer long coastline on Zealand extends from Sejerø Bay in the west to Øresund in the east, and is called the Danish Riviera.

Along the coastline you will pass thousands of cute cottages, hundreds of artists and museums. In short, experiences for the whole family.

Instead of driving the long way to Denmark, you should rather put your car safely on board the Copenhagen boat, and let DFDS Seaways take you comfortably from Oslo to Copenhagen. Here the kids can enjoy the many activities and offers on board, while relaxing with a coffee or refreshment on the sun deck. The next morning the boat arrives at the dock in Copenhagen, and you can start by laying the Danish coastline north of your feet.

The Danish riviera - Photo Credit: Mette Johnsen

Art along the coast

You can start the walk along the Riviera at the small town of Nivå in Østersund. The city has previously been known for its large brickworks, but it is also known for its old museum, Nivaagaard's Painting Collection. Here you will find a collection of fine European art, including the country's only real Rembrandt. At the marina Nivå Havn and Strandpark you will find a unique bird life and great swimming opportunities.

Then continue past the old fishing town of Humlebæk, which houses one of the world's finest art museums, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, and on to Helsingør, in a landscape of woods and fields that meet the sea. Further on the tour you will come to the picturesque town of Hornbæk which tempts with sand, beach and water. The beach playground is built as a port on land, with bridges and lighthouses, slides and swings.

The Danish riviera - Photo Credit: Mette Johnsen

Summer along the coast

On this last stretch of the route, you will encounter even more small towns, cottage areas and idyllic sandy beaches. At the very end of Zealand's Odde you will be greeted by a charming fishing environment, this is really the place to enjoy a delicious fish dinner.

You are now entering Sejerøb Bay, where you can stop at one of Denmark's best beaches. Gudmindrup Beach is a shallow sandy beach and therefore very child friendly. So the coast is full of delicious summer experiences, and you decide where you want to stop and how long you want to spend at each place. Whether you leave the whole stretch behind you or find the dream spot on the first try.

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