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Halloween in Tivoli Copenhagen
Christmas in Tivoli, Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Kim Wyon

Tivoli in Copenhagen

Located in the heart of Copenhagen, Tivoli offers adventurous experiences. Because of the unique atmosphere, the lights, the people, the amusements, the restaurants, the concerts and the theater performances, Tivoli offers different things to different people. Tivoli is Denmark's most visited attraction, and the 82717 square meter area is reserved for anyone who wants to have fun. Annual traditions are both Halloween in Tivoli and Christmas in Tivoli - both are highly recommended!

Tivoli in Copenhagen, Pjerrot - Photo Credit: Peter Norby

Magical Tivoli

If one thing is certain, then it is that Tivoli is more than just a fun! Here you can experience that from concerts, shows, theater, carousels, and mountain-and-valley courses. Not only that, there are also good restaurants, and stalls with ice cream, sugar spins and games where you can win great prizes. No matter the season, Tivoli offers fun experiences and a magical atmosphere.

Food hall in Tivoli
Tivoli food hall, Copenhagen

Food Hall

Did you know that Tivoli has got its very own food hall! In addition to the existing restaurants in Tivoli, you now have 19 new tempting places to enjoy a delicious meal. You will find restaurants such as Chicks by Chicks, Sticks 'n' Sushi, Cock`s & Cows and Kung Fu street food as well as the Illums Bolighus store.

Put your teeth into everything from organic chickens to Michelin chefs' take on a classic barbecue and Mexican delights, home-brewed beer and healthy food from Iceland.

Tivoli fountains

The Adventure Begins Here

With its 4.5 million guests each year, Tivoli is the most visited tourist attraction in Denmark and also one of the largest in the Nordic countries. Centrally located in the middle of Copenhagen, Tivoli is a fantastic experience for young and old alike. There is something magnificent and noble about Tivoli in Copenhagen, because Tivoli is more than entertainment, good food and entertainment. Tivoli is also music, candles, flowers and romance.

Walking around the lush park in summer time, jars and beds are in full bloom and the air is rich with the scente of flowers and shrubs.

Tivoli demonen rollercoaster copenhagen
Tivoli flying fish ride Copenhagen


In Tivoli you will find many attractions, 26 in total, for both big and small children. Radio cars, Ferris wheels, Northern Europe's tallest carousel, the Sky Ship, which stands 80 meters above the ground and 4 speed-filled rollercoasters, of which the "Rutchebanen" is one of the oldest in the world - built in 1914. If you appreciate extra gliders, you can yourself become a pilot at Vertigo, Northern Europe's wildest interactive entertainment.

Tivoli Mazzolis Italian restaurant

Tivoli restaurants

One of the best things about Tivoli is that the park offers a huge range of great food and drink options. Choose from everything from fast food to delicious gourmet dinners - here you have 38 choices!

Burger, sausages, ice cream with gof, sushi, beef, pizza, a la carte or the sandwich restaurant "Mrs. Nimb".

The choice is yours - you don't have to go home hungry.

Tivoli harlequin with kids
Tivoligarden in Tivoli, Copenhagen
Family attractions - Tivoli

A little history

Georg Carstensen was inspired by the romantic amusement parks in Paris and in 1841 he therefore sought the king's permission to run Tivoli for five years.

In 1843, Tivoli opened its gates for the first time, offering a carousel and a roller coaster. When Tivoli celebrated its 100th birthday on August 15, 1943, a total of 112,802 people visited. In 2013, Tivoli was able to boast three new rides. "Tivoli will never be finished," the founder said, and renewal has therefore always been an important focus for this special place.

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