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The charm of English villages

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Rye, an authentic parenthesis

Located at the top of a hill, the town of Rye seems to have come straight out of a fairy tale. Half-timbered houses and cobbled streets encourage us to slow travel, as if time had stood still to let us enjoy it. Stroll the streets, eat local thanks to the catch of the day and above all, take the time to admire the beauty of this enchanting village. Rye may not be one of the liveliest places in England to get lost in the action, but it certainly is one of the most authentic.

Castle Combe
Castle Combe

Castle Combe, a medieval gem

Hilly lanes and houses with identical architecture make this small Cotswold village one of the favorite places for photographers in search of authenticity. The beauty of Castle Combe has also led many directors to shoot their film in what is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in England. Few activities will be offered to you, but who would resist the urge to go to this unparalleled charming town just for a stroll?


Oxford, the city of dreamy spiers

This long-established city is a faithful witness to the history of England. Indeed, Oxford University was the first university to open among English-speaking countries. And what about the refined architecture of the city's buildings? A pure wonder dating from medieval times. Walk the streets of the city to discover all its treasures and if you are looking for an original activity, why not attend one of the university courses?


Canterbury, a historic nugget

From an architectural and historical point of view, Canterbury is a true gem. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, visit Canterbury Cathedral, travel to the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey and see St Martin's Church, England's oldest church.

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