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Your Essential Travel Guide To Dover Castle

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Learn About The History Of Dover Castle

Dover Castle is one of the most visited attractions in the south eastern region of Kent.

The impressive Dover Castle Tower can be seen while you’re still onboard your crossing from Dunkirk or Calais, standing tall over the beautiful White Cliffs. Ascend the Great Tower and discover the life of King Henry II that has been recreated in the medieval palace. There’s an ancient Roman lighthouse on sight, one of the best preserved in Europe. Head underground to discover the subterranean tunnels that exist within the soft, chalky walls beneath the castle.

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The Key of England

Nicknamed the ‘Key of England’, Dover Castle was built by William the Conqueror after the Battle of Hastings in the 11th Century. It has always been an important stronghold in the defence of England. It played an integral role in defending England and accessing Europe during the both world wars.

Visit the Secret Wartime Tunnels to relive the British and French troops' expedition to Dunkirk during Operation Dynamo in 1940.

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