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Travelling to the UK in winter


The most beautiful places in the UK in winter

When we look for the ideal destination for our winter holidays, few people think of Britain. And yet, Scotland and England have the magical atmosphere of the winter season and call for discovery..



Much more than a capital city, Edinburgh has many facets, each one as attractive as the next: a historical past still present thanks to its castle, an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere installed here and there, a place to put on your hiking boots!

As you will have understood, Edinburgh is attractive in every season, but it is even more enchanting when the capital of Scotland is covered in a thick blanket of snow and offers its visitors a real postcard landscape.



Choosing to go to Glencoe in winter means deciding to go for a unique, exotic and unforgettable stay. Three strong adjectives for a place with countless assets: a spectacular landscape, an abundance of wildlife and a choice of outdoor activities...

Whether you decide to discover one of the most impressive glens in Scotland, to organise a skiing session at Glencoe Mountain, one of the oldest ski resorts in the country, or simply to stroll to the rhythm of your desires, Glencoe will satisfy you!



Brighton is one of the jewels in the crown of Sussex that deserves your full attention. It's a lively town with a maze of busy streets, street art and shops of all kinds.

Nature lovers will particularly enjoy walking along the footpaths to Cuckmere Haven beach. Listen to the waves, breathe in the salt air and soak up the atmosphere... This is a great way to start or end your stay in England.



A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Canterbury leaves its mark on history, charms with its architectural beauty and never fails to attract lovers of special places. Magical would be the right word when snow covers the pedestrian streets, Canterbury Cathedral and the rest of the city. Canterbury takes on a fairytale-like quality and is a great place to wander around.

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