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Sail to England on a ferry crossing from Dunkirk or Calais to Dover or from Dieppe to Newhaven and indulge in the incredible English gastronomy waiting for you across the Channel. Our Dover port resides in the Kent region, where you will find an abundance of traditional English pubs serving up hearty breakfasts and classics such as steak and ale pie. You’ll find the best fish and chips at any English seaside town, just make sure to ask for tartare sauce and mushy peas on the side.

English breakfast

The famous English breakfast

A staple to any English diet is a full cooked breakfast. This hearty meal is the perfect setup to your day, whether you’re going on a walk through the beautiful countryside or exploring any of the country’s extraordinary landmarks. A typical English breakfast consists of:

• English breakfast tea & milk • Fresh orange juice • Boiled, scrambled or fried eggs • Toast, muffins or scones • Fried mushrooms and tomatoes • White beans with tomato sauce • Bacon and sausage

North Sea Bistro Dinner

English gastronomy

There are several dishes that are an absolute must when visiting England.

After your traditional breakfast, you can opt for a classic Sunday lunch (which you don’t just have to wait until Sunday to enjoy). A Sunday lunch is packed full of vegetables, potatoes (roasted or mashed), an accompanying meat such as roast beef, lamb or chicken, and of course a famous Yorkshire pudding and coated in rich, thick gravy. Other classics include stew, shepherds pie and fish and chips.

English food and dessert

Fancy something sweet?

English desserts tend to come hot with a generous serving of custard or single cream. Choose between fruit crumble, spotted dick or sticky toffee pudding,

Plus, in England you don’t have to wait until after dinner to enjoy dessert, the English like to indulge mid-afternoon with afternoon tea. Finger sandwiches are accompanied with scones and clotted cream, as well as an assortment of cakes and desserts.

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