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Cycling across the North Sea


EuroVelo cycling route near the North Sea - 6000 km and 8 countries

This cycle route is a real challenge. It stretches through 8 countries and is 6,000 km long, but this time we offer to try only one part of it. This section stretches through Germany - a convenient route that you can easily reach by ferry from Lithuania.

As this route is part of the EuroVelo route, you will find short-term stops every 10-12 kilometers, with the necessary infrastructure. Along the way, you will also find campsites suitable for long-term rest.

The EuroVelo cycle path network consists of many local cycle paths built in the past and intended for local tourism, as well as cycle paths built and planned specifically under a single scheme, which makes individual sections for cycling different.


Days 1 and 2

Day 1. In the afternoon you will arrive at the port of Kiel. Spend this day relaxing and unwinding. Visit the center of Kiel, where you can get a nice dinner and spend a quiet evening. The real journey will begin tomorrow.

Day 2 (100 km) Kiel - Glücksburg. It will take about 6 hours to complete this stretch. You will head north to the Danish border. The road winds along the coast, along the way you will find many ancient mills, wooded parks, family-friendly campsites. Staying in Glücksburg, this town really radiates a maritime spirit - architecture, history and traditions, everything revolves around the sea. When walking or drinking coffee on the coast, you will already see the Danish land on the other shore.

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Day 3 and 4

Day 3 (60 km) Glücksburg-Niebüll. This section is much shorter in just 3 hours, and the terrain will help you - just a few hills, and the rest of the road tends to land. As soon as you start your trip and reach Flensburg, we recommend taking a break and visiting the interactive science center, where you can see many experiments, try the laws of physics for yourself and learn interesting facts. Today's goal is Niebüll. On the way there, you can still stop at the birthplace of the most famous German expressionist Emil Nolde and admire an exhibition of his works.

Day 4 (98 km) Niebüll-Büsum. You will drive to your destination today in about 5 hours. The road is quite straight and sloping. Along the way, you can visit the 17th-century Husum Palace, the Multimar Wattforum National Park Museum, which is full of exhibits related to the sea, or just relax on the coast as this is the first stretch of the North Sea!

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Day 5 and 6

Day 5 (116 km) Büsum - Hamburg. This is the longest stretch that will require the most effort, but thanks to the terrain, you should cover it in about 6.5 hours. Therefore, it would be best to leave in the morning. As you approach Hamburg, you will notice an increasing number of stops and cozy cafes. Choose the road near the river Elbe, it will be the most picturesque route, and you can also relax in cafes on the river bank. Spend the evening in Hamburg, where even the most discerning tourists will find entertainment.

Day 6 (by train). This day is for relaxation. Allow yourself to enjoy a slow morning, take a walk in Hamburg. Trains to Kiel run almost every hour and the journey takes about an hour, so until the evening ferry home, you have a full day. Allow yourself to relax after covering almost 400 kilometers.

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