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5 things you need to know about shopping in Germany

A trip to Germany is not only a great opportunity to visit famous places, but also a great opportunity for shopping. Germany is renowned for its excellent quality of clothing and footwear, so you will surely come back from your journey with trendy things. There are plenty of supermarkets in town, and when you arrive at seasonal sales, you'll be amazed, as discounts can sometimes reach as much as 80%! However, there are a few things to know before traveling.

Shopping Street in Germany


Choose the right season. Similar to Lithuania, sales in Germany are seasonal. Almost all stores offer the biggest discounts twice a year: in winter and summer. The discount season starts on the last Monday of January and July and lasts about 2 weeks. This time is the best for bargain hunters, many supermarkets are cutting prices by 20% and increasing discounts when sales accelerate.

Shops in Germany

Don't shop during Sundays

A carefree Sunday shopping? Unless online! Almost all stores in Germany are closed on Sundays. True, there are exceptions, some bakeries, small shops and cafes might vbe open in cities. Therefore, we suggest that you spend this day of the week relaxing and hanging out with friends or loved ones, and plan your shopping on other days of the week. On weekdays, many supermarkets normally open at 10am and close at 8pm. However, these times can change.

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An alternative to seasonal sales can be outlets. These supermarkets will provide you with excellent quality goods at lower prices throughout the year. And you do not need to look far for them. Arriving in Germany by DFDS ferry, you will disembark at Kiel Port, where you will reach the Designer Outlet Neumunster Shopping Center in just half an hour by car. Here you will find 120 shops, restaurants and entertainment for children. Everything you need for a great weekend of shopping in one place. Learn more about this mall here.

When returning to Kiel, take some time to stroll along Holstenstrasse, known to locals as the main shopping street. Many shops, supermarkets and cafes will welcome you here.



On the last day of your trip, take care of the food as well, as you do not have to worry about luggage restrictions when traveling on the DFDS ferry, and you'll be home the next day, so it's definitely worth thinking about grocery stores. There are many grocery chains in Germany, but there are also specialty shops that are very popular here. Bakeries, butchers, cheese shops or pastry shops - these stores offer a wide selection and fresh produce. Make sure you always have cash in your wallet when shopping, as very often you won't be able to pay by card in smaller stores.

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When returning from a trip, don't forget the souvenirs you can only get in Germany! Those looking for small gifts can surprise their loved ones with fabulous Christmas toys, since many traditions of Christmas decorations originated in this country. History lovers will surely enjoy an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall (you will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity when purchasing this souvenir). Gastronomy lovers will certainly not give up the opportunity to try the drink, which the Germans call a cure for all stomach ailments - sauerkraut juice, which you will find in every store. This drink is indeed very popular with locals. All you have to do is choose something your loved ones would like to receive!

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