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Halloween is a very popular holiday well known for its spooky decorations, pumpkin carving and children walking down the street trick or treating. But few know that Halloween used to mark the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter for our Celtic ancestors. On 31 October every year, England’s haunted attractions boom with thrill-seeking tourists looking to have a memorable night.

Halloween in England Attractions

Halloween Attractions

While planning your Halloween holiday, we suggest you consider the Dover Castle and the village of Pluckley in Kent for an adventure that guarantees to give you shivers. Dover Castle is said to be the home of the ghost of a young headless boy which wanders the corridors, while a woman in a red coat can be seen walking in the gardens and heard screaming. If that is not spooky enough, the English town, Pluckley, will certainly be of interest for those courageous enough to venture in the most haunted town in Britain, said to lodge 12 to 16 spirits that roam the streets.


Bonfire night

Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night takes place on 5 November. During this night, we commemorate the Gunpowder Plot which saw Guy Fawkes, among others, attempt to blow up British Parliament and assassinate the King in 1605. The conspiracy was discovered and since then England has an annual celebration including spectacular fireworks displays and bonfires. People also don the costumes of the conspirators and there are parades and parties across the country to attend. One thing is certain, this festive event is an English tradition that you should not miss!

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