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Events in Holland – Spring Edition

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Spring Events in Holland

April through June 2023 is a busy time in Holland. Visiting during this time will give tourists a chance to experience the tulip fields in full bloom, as well as celebrate traditional Dutch events like Koningsdag and Liberation day.

Other popular attractions during this period include vibrant outdoor markets, festivals featuring traditional music and dance, and the Keukenhof garden - one of Europe's largest flower gardens. No matter what you're looking for, there's something for everyone to enjoy in Holland.

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Events in April

April 2023 will be a great month to visit Holland! This is the start of the famous tulip festival, which celebrates the vibrant colors and beauty of the Dutch landscape.

Here some events:

  • Koningsdag - Celebrate King's Day with parades, entertainment, music and fireworks.
  • Amstel Music Festival - Enjoy live music from over 150 bands at one of Europe's biggest open-air festivals.
  • Open Garden Days - Discover hidden gardens not usually open to visitors.
  • Efteling Theme Park - Experience a magical fantasy world for all ages with thrilling attractions and breathtaking scenery.
  • Voorjaarsmarkt (Spring Market) in Utrecht - Stroll through the streets and admire the market stalls offering fresh flowers, plants, crafts, clothing and more.
  • Keukenhof Gardens - Marvel at stunning displays of tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other spring flowers in this vast park.
  • Multicultureel Festival & Vrijmarkt - Head to Rotterdam for a fun-filled day featuring music, food and entertainment from around the world.
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Events in May

In May, art lovers can explore the annual Amsterdam Art Week which features works from both established artists and emerging talents.

May is an exciting time to visit the Netherlands! The month is full of many events and activities that showcase the Dutch culture. On May 5th, Netherlands celebrates Liberation Day and commemorates their liberation from Nazi occupation in 1945.

For foodies, the Dutch Cheese Market at Alkmaar will be held on every Friday in May, offering fresh cheeses from local farms.

National Windmill Day - Explore the Dutch countryside and take in the stunning views while appreciating traditional windmills.

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Events in June

June is the perfect time to visit Holland and experience its unique culture! A popular event taking place in June is Open Garden Days, which offers locals and tourists alike a chance to discover hidden gardens not usually open to visitors.

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