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Medievan castles

Latvia can be proud of the large number of preserved medieval castles. Some have been restored and transformed into museums, some give you the opportunity to travel back in time, discover castle ruins without modern technology or even lighting.

Sigulda castle, Latvia

Sigulda castle

Built in the 13th century, Sigulda Castle was the first castle built outside the capital. The main purpose of the castle was defense. Although only a small part of the castle has survived, you can climb up one of its towers and walk along the defensive wall. Artillery exhibitions are held here in the summer. On warm summer evenings, concerts are held in the castle's amphitheater.

Turaida castle, Latvia

Turaida castle

Turaida Castle Museum - a large castle complex that can serve as a history lesson. Here you will find a wealth of archaeological and historical monuments and the castle tower offers a breathtaking view. The oldest buildings in this complex were built in the 11th century, so when you visit here you will feel as if you have traveled through time. The symbol of this complex is the Tomb of the Rose of Turaida, a memorial site for a young woman who sacrificed her life for love and loyalty.

Cesis castle, Latvia

Cesis castle

Cesis Castle - a 13th century fortress. Here you have the opportunity to visit two completely different castle wings. One of them - the restored castle residence with numerous exhibitions, the other - the original castle ruins, where you can walk only by candlelight. As you climb the defensive wall, take a look around or explore the mysterious castle dungeon. In the summer, the castle area offers many medieval attractions - plays and markets.

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