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Lithuania may be a small country, but it packs a big punch when it comes to Christmas celebrations. Christmas Eve (Kūčios) or the last day of advent is the most important day of the winter holiday for Lithuanians, it is the day that families gather together for a special meal of twelve different dishes, each representing one of Jesus' disciples. Non of the dished content meat and often includes fried carp, which is believed to bring good luck in the new year and Kuciukai which are small pastries. During or after dinner, there may be a visit from “The Old Man of Christmas” who will bring gifts. It's is then customary to head to church for midnight mass, followed by a night of caroling.

Lithuania is a worth a visit at time of year but in winter it really comes alive.

Food in Lithuania


Lithuania may not be a country that immediately comes to mind when you think of Christmas, but it actually has a rich and festive holiday tradition. One of the most important parts of Lithuanian Christmas is the food. Many families begin preparing for the feast days before Christmas Eve, when a special meal is served in honor of Baby Jesus. The meal typically includes an array of traditional dishes, such as blood sausage, herring in cream sauce, and potato pancakes. For dessert, there is often an honey-spice cake or gingerbread cookies. These sweet treats help to balance out the savory flavors of the main course, creating a truly memorable dining experience. So if you're looking for something different this holiday season, why not try out some traditional Lithuanian Christmas food? You might just be surprised by how much you enjoy it.

Christmas market


Christmas in Lithuania is a time for family, friends and, of course, festive food and drink. One of the most popular Christmas drinks is krupnikas, a sweet honey-based liqueur that is often spiced with cinnamon, cloves and other warming spices. Another popular choice is cold Bryndza cheese soup, which is usually made with potatoes, bacon and sour cream. For something a little lighter, many Lithuanians enjoy sultry sauerkraut juice, a refreshing drink made with sauerkraut, apples, carrots and celery. Of course, no Christmas feast would be complete without a glass or two ofgingerbread beer - a dark, sweet beer that is infused with the flavours of gingerbread. Whatever your preference, there is sure to be a traditional Lithuanian Christmas drink to suit your taste.

Christmas decorations in Lithuania

Decorations & Gifts

Lithuania is a country rich in tradition, and nowhere is this more evident than at Christmas time. For generations, Lithuanians have been giving gifts of hand-carved wooden figurines, called kukutis. These little statues, which represent animals or mythical creatures, are often given to children on Christmas Eve. Another popular gift is a straw goat, known as a yaga, which is said to bring good luck. Traditional Lithuanian Christmas decorations include straw ornaments, called spalviniai, which are made in a variety of shapes and colors. One of the most iconic Lithuanian Christmas symbols is the gingerbread house, called a pipirmaize. These beautiful houses, which are often adorned with edible decorations, are a favorite treat of both children and adults alike. No matter what gifts and decorations you choose, a Lithuanian Christmas is sure to be a festive and memorable occasion.

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