Vilnius in winter

Winter in Vilnius

Vilnius in winter

Christmas in Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and it is a beautiful city to visit during the Christmas season. The main square is filled with holiday markets selling traditional Lithuanian foods and crafts. There is also a large Christmas tree in the square and it is always decorated with lights and garland. The streets leading up to the main square are lined with shops and restaurants, making it a great place to do some Christmas shopping or grab a bite to eat. And of course, no visit to Vilnius at Christmas time would be complete without taking in the amazing views of the city from one of its many bridges. Whether you're looking for a festive market, breathtaking views, or just a charming European city to explore, Vilnius should definitely be on your list during the holidays.

Christmas market

Christmas markets

There are a few Christmas markets in Vilnius, the main one is located in the breath taking Cathedral square located in the heart of the old town underneath one of the most stunning christmes trees in the world. You will also find one at Vinco Kudirkos Square and Odminiu square

Need to rest your feet after stocking up on all those Christmas gifts for loved ones (and maybe one or two for your self) take a trip on the Christmas Train that travels through the old town taking in the festive atmosphere as you go.

Christmas tree in Vilnius

Christmas Tree

The Vilnius Christmas tree is stunning! Often ranked amongst the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world, it is the focal point of the city during the festive months

The tree is located in Cathedral square and have become trendsetters thanks to their original themes, unique decorations which are created by talented designers

Some previous themes include Queen of winter 2021, Chess 2019 and The world as one home 2015.

Dining in Lithuania

Christmas Food

Christmas food plays a large part in the festive season and every country, city has their own traditions. When visiting a new city you want to make sure you visit all the best food places and to make this as easy as possible for visitors, the city tourist board has pulled together a gastronomic route containing 29 restaurants, offering all the different festive dishes of the Christmas season. The list includes such delicacies as rabbit liver pate with creamy, buckwheat pudding, ginger-infused sea buckthorn sauce, Lithuanian Christmas Eve beetroot soup with mushroom dumplings, and many more seasonal desserts, warm drinks, and savoury dishes.

Vilnius, Lithuania
Trakai castle, Lithuania

What to do in Vilnius

Vilnius is the perfect destination for a city break with so much to see and do in all seasons its hard knowing where to start. You can read our Vilnius travel guide for more inspiration but here are just a few of the activities you can do whilst visiting

Combine your sightseeing with some samples of the local hand crafted beer on this 3.5 hour Beer trail tour

Want to explore the top sites but get a locals take on the city then book a private walking tour with a local host, the tour is just as much about the people you meet as the places you see Staying for bit longer and want to explore further afield then take a trip to the famous Trakai Castle.

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