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Discover Things To Do In Palanga

Palanga was named a health resort at the end of the 19th century. The specialized treatments of sanatoriums and rehabilitation centers in Palanga help various diseases. Palanga is a beautiful place for a long family vacation, enjoy beautiful hours by the sea and Lithuania's most beautiful sunset on the pier.

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Art and culture in Palanga

The botanical park in Palanga was established in 1897 in English style with clear classical elements. Covering an area of 1000 hectares, you will find hundreds of tree and grass species, as well as sculptures and ponds. The highlight is the rose garden directly at the huge orangery. At one of the chamber concerts and events that take place here in the summer, strolling through the park is even a cultural experience! One of the most beautiful sights in Palanga is the castle of Count's family Tiskevicius. Under the rule of the Tiskevicius, the Palanga botanical park was built with a castle and museum, the port of Palanga was built and the first sanatoriums opened.

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Attractions in and around Palanga

Palanga is one of the most famous and popular holiday and health resorts in Lithuania, along with the Curonian Spit, attracting thousands of tourists each year. The Curonian Spit has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 and has a number of attractions to offer. In 2013 Palanga was the cultural capital of Lithuania and as a result, special funding has been made available, which supports the preservation, restoration and promotion of cultural activities. The former fishing village has developed into a vibrant seaside resort with a large selection of cafes, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and casinos.

Building in Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga's Rich Heritage: Explore Birute's Castle and Nature's Delights

Discover Palanga's must-visit Birute's Castle, a 19th-century neo-Gothic mansion-turned-museum showcasing the town's history. Nature lovers can enjoy cycling, horseback riding, and a unique sculpture park with 80 wooden sculptures based on Lithuanian folklore. Birute Park, a serene oasis in the heart of Palanga, offers a delightful escape into nature. Spanning over an expansive area, the park features lush greenery, peaceful walking trails, and beautiful flower gardens.This Park provides a serene retreat for visitors seeking a peaceful connection with nature in the midst of the bustling Palanga town.

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