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Camping in Sweden - öland
Camping in Sweden - Photo creidt Petersson Läckö castle
Camping in Sweden - Photo Simon Paulin Fårö

By car in Sweden

With its rich history and wonderful nature, Sweden is an exciting destination to discover. Traveling by car is a convenient, safe and suitable way to travel to see as many different areas as possible and experience new experiences in one trip. Holidays by the largest lake in Sweden, Vänern, visiting the picturesque fishing villages of Bohuslä or hiking on the famous Kungsleden hiking trail in Swedish Lapland?
Inspiration and help with travel plans are just a small part of what areas to discover.

National parks Sweden

Northern Sweden

In the northernmost region of Sweden, Swedish Lapland, you will find yourself in the middle of mystical nature, amidst lakes, rivers and forests. In dry and warm summers, it is possible to see and enjoy the enchanting natural phenomenon, the midnight sun. The natural landscapes that surround the small town of Jokkmokk are suitable for evening hikes.

In Sweden’s largest Padjelanta National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of Lapland, you can enjoy wonderful natural views of Mount Jiegffáffo and the Stáloluokta Mountains.

In the Abisko National Park, which can be reached by car, summer is the best time to hike and enjoy nature. This is where the world-famous King’s Trail, a 440 km long hiking trail, begins, which can be traversed in full or in parts.

Camping in Sweden - Photo credit Carl Johan Utsi - hiking

Central Sweden

There are forests in central Sweden where you are likely to meet elk.

Dalarna, a historic county in central Sweden, is like a small miniature Sweden. In fine weather, you can admire the view from the top of Bispbergs Klack, which rises more than 350 m above sea level, or be enchanted by the turquoise waters of the former Östra Silvsberg mine.

It is not possible to drive past the world's largest, 13 m high Dalarna horse statue in Avesta - don't forget to take a selfie. Take a walk on the Älvpromenaden (The River walk), which runs along the banks of the rivers Avesta from Krylbon or on wooden bridges in Dala Floda and Gagnef, one of Sweden’s longest wooden bridges for cars.

Östersund, located on the shores of Sweden’s fifth largest lake, Storsjön, is a great place for an active holiday.

Mountain hikes in Sälen are suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. The mountains are easily accessible and there is a choice of hiking trails of different lengths.

Camping in Sweden - Photo credit Conny Fridh ale stenar 1818

Southern Sweden

With more than 250 castles and historic buildings, the south of Sweden offers an exciting discovery, especially for those interested in history.

On Öland, Sweden's second largest island, it is definitely worth checking out the world's largest alvar, Ales Stenar. The best contact with the wonderful nature, sandy beaches and an island known for its nearly 350 windmills can be found by cycling around the island.

Karlskrona, home to the UNESCO-listed Karlskrona Seaport, offers great opportunities for active holidays: canoeing or kayaking, boating or fishing on Lindwallska Lake. On Blekingeleden’s 250 km of hiking trails along the coastline, through forests and various landscapes, you can choose the most suitable length of hiking trail to go.

A real treat for fans of Swedish criminal literature, however, is the small town of Ystad, which is exciting to discover in the footsteps of Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell, a police figure created by police commissioner Kurt Wallander.

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