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Ideas for relaxing with the family

Travelling with children always provides exciting and emotional moments. What matters is not the distance to the destination, but the time spent together. Summer is the best time to travel with your family, and travelling by car is always a safe choice. To inspire and help you plan your trip, here are some tips for a summer family vacation.

Fishing in Norway

Who will catch a bigger fish?

Fishing with your family is a fun and emotional activity that is definitely worth spending enough time on. In addition, be prepared that the catch may not be large. If you are planning to go fishing with your family, make sure you have the right equipment and a fishing permit in areas where it is required.

In Sweden, it is possible to fish from rivers, lakes and the coast. There are more than 100,000 lakes in total - so there are enough places to fish.

In southern Sweden you can catch pike, pikeperch and perch, in central Sweden you can also catch trout. In addition, several resorts offer basic fishing lessons for children on site.

Family on camping holiday

Overnight in a tent under the stars

Sometimes just a tent is enough for a nice family vacation. In Sweden, there are more than 700 camping sites, mostly located along water bodies, and it is also possible to camp in several national parks. Smaland In addition to fishing, boats, canoes and bicycles can be rented from many camping sites. It is also possible to spend the night in a campsite, but for children it is definitely much more exciting and memorable to stay in the middle of nature, in a tent, under the starry sky. A popular camping area is Skane, there are many different camping sites in Smaland.

National parks Sweden - mountain hike - Photocredit Ulf Lundin Abisko


Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Sweden, with a total of almost 400 marked trails of different lengths. In addition to various mountain trails, Sweden offers hiking in national parks, mountainous areas with rivers and lakes. Hiking trails suitable for hiking with children can be found, for example, in Skäne, Södermanland, Örebro, Dalarna County.

Canoeing in Espedalen - visitlillehammer photocredit Ian Brodie

Canoe or kayak

If you want to admire the Swedish nature while on the water, choose calm and flat-water lakes for canoeing or kayaking with your family. In southern Sweden, in Smaland, in addition to visiting the High Chappara theme park and the world of Astrid Lindgren, which is popular with families, there is an opportunity to take a shorter or longer kayak trip. Lake Åsnen, located in Smaland County, consisting of islands, forests and wetlands, enchants with its extraordinary nature, where the younger members of the family will not miss the Troll Mountain. Dalsland, known as the Swedish Lake District, is suitable for both shorter and longer canoe trips. It is possible to rent the most suitable vessels for your needs from the on-site canoe and kayak rental.

Image credit: Ian Brodie

Family cycling on their holiday

Cycle kilometers

Sweden has a very good network of cycle paths and the opportunity to ride almost anywhere, be it a city or a countryside. All you have to do is choose the right length of bike path. Take a bike ride around a local lake or admire the beautiful nature while cycling. Bicycle paths are marked in blue, black and green respectively. Roslagen's cycle paths start as early as Kapellskär, where an area with an interesting archipelago allows you to get to know the culture of coastal villages. Smaland in southern Sweden is a great place to explore cycling with children. However, Dalarna in central Sweden is designed for cyclists - there are cycle paths of different lengths and levels of difficulty. However, if you plan to visit Sweden in August and cycle around Lake Erken on the 35 km long Viking Road, you have the opportunity to take part in traditional crayfish fishing.

enjoy a family trip

Enjoy the beach

Summer is simply unthinkable without enjoying the pleasures of the beach. The sun and warm water on the beach attract both young and old. In Sweden you will find both unspoilt sandy beaches and widely visited city beaches. Spend the summer day on the family-friendly Helsingborg tropical beach with white sand and palm trees, where children can play on the playground, or on Böda Beach in the eastern part of Öland, where there are kilometers of white sand beach, pine forest and nightlife. in tents. Located on the shores of Lake Vättern, Varamon is probably the longest lake beach in Sweden. Here you will find many summer activities for both children and adults.

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