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Theme Parks in Scandinavia

A special holiday for the whole family

Where to spend a great weekend or longer vacation with your children? You don't have to travel far to be together and discover new and exciting places, as there are many different theme parks in Scandinavia and Finland, where the joy of discovery, exciting action and full of emotions is shared by the whole family. To make your choices easier, we've put together just a little overview of the different theme parks to visit with your whole family this year.

Liseberg theme park


Gröna Snow, one of Sweden's oldest amusement parks, is located in Stockholm. It has 30 different attractions for children and adults. The more daring can visit the Nightmare House in the park. What this house hides is a secret - you have to go and find out for yourself. Read more

Liseberg Amusement Park in Gothenburg, the most visited tourist destination in Sweden, today is one of Europe's leading amusement parks with its exciting attractions, games and numerous restaurants. There is something exciting for everyone here. After the fun, the various attractions have a chance for the whole family to relax and have a picnic at a picnic area in the amusement park. Read more

In addition to 35 attractions, Särkanniemi Amusement Park in Tampere has a planetarium, a mini zoo and the world's first Angry Birds Land. Here you are sure to visit one of the tallest observation towers in the Nordic countries, Näsinneula, with its magnificent views of Tampere and the surrounding landscape. Read more

Tom Tits Experiment theme park


The Tom Tits Experiment Science Center in Södertal is excited about the four floors of the center. Here you can take part in a series of exciting experiments with the whole family and put your knowledge and skills to the test in mathematics, geography, and technology with practical tests. Did you know how great the power of a hurricane wind is, for example, that actually makes a bubble bubble, or how it is possible to ride a bicycle on the wall of a house? The answers to these and all other scientific questions can be found here. Watch out! This summer, the science center was supposed to have dinosaurs as well. Read more

Did you know that the ocean, space, rainforests, and more are all under one roof? Yes, that is, and you have the opportunity to make sure you visit the Universeum Science Center in Gothenburg, which is open all year round. Through exciting and educational games, new knowledge can be reached. So - take enough time to visit the science center. Read more

Water park

Fun in aquapark

Gustavsvik, the largest water park in Northern Europe in Örebro, is where the adventures of the whole family begin this summer: In the lost city, you discover yourself in the middle of the jungle, water, waves, rapids and ruins. [Read More] (http://gustavsvik.se/)

A popular place to spend time with the whole family is the largest water park in Scandinavia, Skara Summer Sands (Sommarland). In addition to plenty of slides and pools, you can go karting or have fun at Tivoli. [Read More] (https://www.sommarland.se/)

High Chapparal theme park
High Chapparal


Have you ever sifted through gold sand or traveled around Old Mexico with a steam locomotive? If not, you can try it all by visiting the High Chappara theme park in Smaland. You enter directly into 1870s America, where you will meet cowboys, sheriffs, gold seekers, Indians and smugglers. Starting from mid-May, the theme park, which is open on certain days of the week, hosts exciting events and performances. Admission to the theme park is free for children under 100cm. Read more

Astrid Lindgren's world is located in the small town of Smaland in Vimmerb, where the children's writer Astrid Lindgren is born. It's like a fairy tale world where characters from her books move around. Here you can meet Pipi Longstocking, Karlsson, Robber's Daughter Ronja. Read more

Located in the hometown of Lego, Denmark, Legoland theme park is colorful and inspiring. At least 2 days could be planned for visiting various attractions and play areas. Read more

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