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Ferry Crossings
Ferry to Denmark

Take the ferry from Oslo to Denmark with DFDS

Most Norwegians have a relationship with the concept of the Danish boat - the boats that bring travel-loving Norwegians to wonderful Denmark. It is well known that it is wonderful to be Norwegian in Denmark. Long beaches, warm atmosphere, Danish design and delicious food - it's no wonder we love our dear neighbor. This, together with the Danish boat, is an unbeatable combination!

Daily Crossings

Delicious onboard cuisine

Sea view cabins available

Tax-free Shopping

Price per pers. one way when 4 parts cabin incl. car.

Transport (max. 1.85 m high - other vehicles at extra cost).

Departure: Every day throughout the year.

From the Danish Boat to the Copenhagen Boat

"The Danish boat", or the Danish boat, has become a term most people have a relationship with. It is often associated with good food and drink, coziness, entertainment and fun - a break in everyday life.

Because DFDS is the only shipping company that sails to Copenhagen, we think it is more consumer friendly to call us the "Copenhagen boat". In this way, both new and old guests are absolutely sure where they can travel with us.

With the Copenhagen boat we have created a pleasant, exciting, safe and good experience for big and small, young and old. Our goal is to have a wonderful experience with the highest quality comfort and service.

Cruise Adventure

Many of those who travel with DFDS today use the trip as a small but relaxing cruise. With us you will find facilities such as spa, shopping, live music, pool and sun deck.

In addition, we are proud to offer a very good selection of different restaurants. Enjoy coffee and cakes in our Espresso House coffee shop, or book a table in our classic Italian restaurant, 7 Seas with its dinner buffet, Explorers Steakhouse, or Sea - our à la carte restaurant.

The boats have many different cabins, from simple and affordable four-man cabins - to luxury cabins with balconies, jacuzzis and room service. Something for every budget.

The History of the Danish Boat

Did you know that the Oslo - Copenhagen route is the world's oldest and still existing passenger route?

  • It has had several stops along the way, including Frederikshavn, Larvik and Moss.

  • In 1875, the passengers got a "strong" standard raise with the wheelchair Christiania getting second class mattresses.

  • In 1905 the Oslo-Copenhagen route sailed directly with new ships, Queen Maud and King Haakon.

  • In 1936 came the first combined car and passenger ship, MS Crown Prince Olav.

  • In 1983, DFDS revolutionized ferry traffic with the first "mega-ferry" - 1,600 passengers and 400 cars.

Danish Boat Prices

It always pays to book well in advance with us - then you get the best prices and more choices! Because our prices are dynamic, it will generally be cheaper to travel on a weekday than on weekends - prices increase the greater demand the departure has.

With us you pay for the cabin itself, not the number of travelers.

MiniCruise (return trip with the same ship) from NOK 216, - per person when two travel together in Standard interior economy cabin. Transport travel (one way) from NOK 224, - per person when four travel together in Standard interior cabin including transport of ordinary passenger car. Additional for other types of cabins and vehicles.

Tips and tricks for saving money on the trip:

  • Book breakfast at the same time as the trip and get a free breakfast buffet for children (0-11years)
  • Premium cabins include breakfast and Wifi