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Left Hand Driving

Left Hand Driving

Tips for left hand traffic in England

If you are traveling to England on the DFDS ferries , there is a lot to consider when driving on the left. In England there is left-hand traffic, which means that the cars drive on the left, on the "wrong" side for Germans - but do not worry: with a bit of concentration and the Europcar tips, everyone makes the switch to left-hand traffic!

The first ride in left-hand traffic

During the first trip it is helpful to follow the flow of left-hand traffic and to behave defensively. A good strategy is, for example, to be in the foreground. First uncertainties are reduced so quickly and you get into the flow of left-hand traffic. In general, it is advisable to look at his route in advance exactly (even if you are traveling with a GPS), so that the full concentration can apply the left-hand drive. Even if you feel safe after a few hours driving experience, it is still advisable to remember the traffic on the left. Because so the attention does not diminish and dangerous situations are avoided. When getting out of the car make sure to look to the right!

Turn and overtake

Turning left-hand traffic probably requires the most habituation. Similar to the left turning lane in Germany, there is a right turn in England. Here attention is required, so that you do not accidentally turn on the wrong side of the street because of your habit. In the left traffic is overtaken on the right.

Roundabout traffic

The traffic flow in the roundabout runs, unlike in Germany, always in a clockwise direction! In England roundabouts without traffic light system always has the right of way coming from right. In the case of several lanes, the left lanes are reserved for leftward riders on the first exit. In the middle, those who are heading for a medium exit will find themselves in the right lane, who moves further in the roundabout and takes a late exit. Therefore, the same applies to the right lane and stay there! The intention to leave the roundabout on the left is indicated by flashing in time.

Left before right

One would think that this rule can be found in the general traffic regulations - but there is no such rule in England. In most cases, the right of way is clearly regulated by "give way" traffic signs. If this is not the case, defensive behavior is appropriate: just watch out for the other driver's hand signal.

Orientation on the median strip

Intuitively, the right-conditioned, German motorist has the tendency to go too far to the left. So that in the traffic left-standing vehicles, obstacles, etc. are not touched, best orientate from the beginning when driving left on the median strip.

Right-hand drive and left-hand drive

Designed for left-hand traffic cars are called right-hand drive. They differ mainly in that the driver's seat is on the right side. Also, the shift, turn signals and windscreen wipers are usually in reverse position. At the same place, however, remain the accelerator pedal, brake and clutch.

Important for German cars, which are traveling by ferry to England : change the headlight! Because these are usually set so that they illuminate the right edge of the road well. Anyone driving with this setting in left-hand traffic, however, dazzles oncoming vehicles.

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