Loading luggage onto bus transfer

DFDS: your luggage


With DFDS, there is no limit to your luggage. Only the transport possibilities in the entrained car give the luggage limit. However, you should load your vehicle properly and safely. Foot passengers must be able to carry their luggage independently on board. Helpful passengers are supported by our team in the port, please let us know at least 48 hours before departure.

Important note: The transport of freight, moving or trade fair goods is not permitted. Hunting and sporting weapons are to be registered at the time of booking. Please also note the import regulations of the respective country.

ON A MINI CRUISE If you book a mini cruise, you will have the same cabin throughout the trip. Your luggage can stay in the locked cabin during the descent. We recommend to carry valuables with you. If necessary, valuables can be taken into custody at the Guest Service Center.