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Traveling from Poland to UK

Traveling from Poland to UK - useful tips and advice

We have created a guide containing valuable advice and tips for traveling between the UK and Poland. Part of the information is practical and covers the legal aspect of traveling around other countries, while the remaining information is advice that our Polish clients sent to us. We hope you find this guide useful! If you have other insights, tips and advice, visit our Facebook page and share them with other people.

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Relax onboard our ferry

Once you reach the English Channel, you can get through it quickly and comfortably onboard one of our ferries. There are activities and facilities for both children and adults. You can have a meal in one of our restaurants, have a drink at the bar or visit shops. Enjoy the views from the deck and the fresh sea air.

What to bring with you

In addition to the warning triangle sign, reflective vest, fire extinguisher and first aid kit, it's also a good idea to bring with you:

  • Driving licenses, insurance documents and other documents for the car
  • Satellite navigation
  • Printed maps that are still very useful especially when you need to find an alternative route in some cases

We asked our clients what they take with them when traveling between Poland and the UK, and these are some of the things they think are most useful:

  • Strong coffee
  • Music
  • Audiobooks
  • List of emergency contact numbers
  • Itinerary, you will know at what time you should reach specific cities
  • Booklets - phrasebooks in the languages of the countries you will pass through
  • Car phone charger
  • A lot of good food to keep energy up


The inexpensive cost of ferry travel is one of the advantages of traveling by car, but keep in mind that fuel is expensive in most European countries. Poland is a country where fuel is one of the cheapest among other countries, so you should fill the tank before leaving the country. Germany and Belgium have similar prices, and France is slightly cheaper. Fuel is the most expensive in the Netherlands, so avoid refueling in this country! Refueling on highways is more expensive than in cities. It is worth considering highway exit for refueling if you have time.

Top tips

We asked our Polish clients to give us the best tips for traveling between Poland and the UK, here is a list of the top 10:

  • Drive carefully and take your time
  • Use satellite navigation with current route maps. Take paper maps just in case
  • Take breaks every three hours to stretch your legs, get some fresh air and also to eat or drink
  • Check your car before leaving, including fluid, oil and tire pressure
  • Travel at night when there are no traffic jams
  • Antwerp in Belgium is jammed every Friday
  • Tell jokes and other stories to keep travelers entertained
  • Buy travel insurance in Europe
  • Buy the right car insurance
  • Always sail with DFDS Seaways!
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