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Travelling with your Vehicle - Baltics

Vehicle Transport on the Baltic Ferries

Find out more about the categories of vehicles we carry, check-in and boarding at our Baltics ferry terminals in Kiel, Klaipeda, Karlshamn, Stockholm and Tallinn. The same information applies to all ports.


Please note that only one vehicle per booking is allowed. If you wish to book several vehicles, please make a separate booking for each vehicle and the persons traveling with it.

Check in

The check-in at the harbor is signposted. (Please note that there is no car check-in counter in Kiel.) Check-in takes place in the terminal First, pull a number on the machine - you will be contacted by us when it is your turn.) Hold Your booking confirmation, your vehicle documents as well as your identity card or passport and possibly your visa ready. Passengers with vehicles must be checked in at least 1.5 hours before departure. In case of later arrival, we reserve the carriage. We ask our needy passengers 48 hours before departure to confirm their appearance.

Please note: Your current information can be found on your booking confirmation. Please check before your arrival to the port our current information about short-term departure changes.


Passengers can get off at the terminal or only when the vehicle is in the car deck. If you want to get off at the terminal, please remember to bring your luggage with you. For the foot passengers the way aboard is also signposted.

If you go on the ferry, our staff will instruct you and ensure that you place your vehicle correctly on the car deck. Before leaving your vehicle, remember to stop the engine and apply the handbrake. Our local colleagues will gladly help you with any questions. Please note that all passengers of our ships in Baltics must have booked a cabin or a recliner and camping on the ship is not allowed on all routes.

vehicle types

In order to get you and all vehicles safely and quickly on board, we need the exact details of your vehicle. To ensure a smooth check-in and boarding process, please include your vehicle type and registration number when booking.

Contact the Freight Department

Kiel DFDS Seaways Baltic GmbH Ostuferhafen 15 24149 Kiel Germany

Tel: +49 431 20976 556 Fax: +49 431 20976 555 Email: sales.kiel@dfds.com

Klaipeda Tel: +370 46 395077 Fax: +370 46 395045 Email: sales.lt@dfds.com

Karlshamn Tel: +46 4543 3690 Fax: +46 4543 3689 Email: sales.kan@dfds.com