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Travelling with your Vehicle - English Channel

Vehicle Transport on English Channel

Here you will find all information about traveling by car with the DFDS English Channel ferries to Dover. Ask about check-in, boarding and vehicle categories.


Please note that only one vehicle per booking is allowed. If you wish to book several vehicles, please make a separate booking for each vehicle and the persons traveling with it.

Check in

The car check-in at our ports in Dover, Calais and Dunkerque is signposted and easy to find. First, drive to the check-in counter and have your booking confirmation and your ID card / passport and, if applicable, your visa ready. Passengers must be checked in with their vehicle at least 45 minutes before departure. If you have booked preferred boarding, you must check in at least 1 hour before departure. After that we can reserve the carriage.

Catering facilities and sanitary facilities are available in the terminal buildings.


Our staff will brief you and ensure that you place your vehicle correctly on the car deck. Did you choose preferred boarding? Then come on board first. Before leaving your vehicle, remember to stop the engine and apply the handbrake. If you have questions, you are welcome to contact our vehicle deck staff. During the crossing no passenger may be on the vehicle deck.

vehicle types In order to get you and all vehicles safely and quickly on board, we need the exact details of your vehicle. To ensure a smooth check-in and boarding process, please include your vehicle type and registration number when booking.

Contact the Freight Department

Tel: +44 1304 874001

Fax: +44 1304 874040

Email: [dover.freightbookings@dfds.com](mailto: dover.freightbookings@dfds.com "dover.freightbookings@dfds.com" )

Tel: +33 328 289 550

Tel: +33 391 904 292

Email: calais.freightoffice@dfds.com

Tel: +44 1304 874001

Fax: +44 1304 874040