New suppliers

We are always interested in identifying new suppliers that fit our requirements. If you are interested in working with DFDS A/S, please contact us for further discussions.

Email address:

Existing customer or supplier

DFDS Finance Service Centre:
DFDS Polska Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Roosevelta 18
Globis Building III Floor
60-829 Poznań

If you are a customer or a supplier, you can reach us through these numbers without extra charges for international calls:

+48 61 658 9000
+32 92551749 (Belgium)
+45 33423335 (Denmark)
+33 391904296 (France)
+49 4721796035 (Germany)
+39 0331388323 (Italy)
+31 102084115 (Netherlands)
+47 21621082 (Norway)
+46 31650816 (Sweden)
+44 1469562753 (United Kingdom)

If you have a general question or query, please use the ​​DFDS Group contact form. ​