Sourcing Process


The Group Procurement organization has the responsibility for generating value to the business by securing that all goods and services are sourced professionally through a thorough selection of suppliers and negotiation of agreements. Once the implementation phase is finalized, the daily communication will in most cases be directly with the relevant business unit.

The DFDS sourcing process has five steps; Supplier Qualification, Tender, Negotiation & Contract, Implementation and Supplier Relationship Management.

DFDS procurement sourcing graph

Supplier Qualification– Suppliers are to submit their qualification for participation in the tender. This implies making sure that the necessary resources are available for the whole period of the sourcing process. Suppliers must accept the standard terms & conditions and code of conduct of the DFDS Group.

Tender – The tender can be sent out as any type of RFx* and/or with the potential of an e-auction (LINK). In order to proceed through the tender phase the supplier needs to follow the project guidelines exactly as well as provide DFDS with input of quantitative and qualitative character. Evaluation of the received inputs are based on a total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective.

Negotiation & Contract – The negotiation phase focuses on formulating an agreement that fulfills the business requirements of DFDS Group and secures a mutual beneficial business agreement with the best suited supplier. This will thus act as the final supplier selection phase. The final agreement should be signed after approval by DFDS legal department and the business owner.

Implementation – The new agreement is communicated internally and as a mutual exercise of the supplier and DFDS the implementation takes place to obtain the necessary momentum and guidance.

Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) – DFDS Group intends to build strong and long term partnerships with key suppliers in order to secure continuous improvement and increase the mutual dialogue, in alignment with the SRM strategy.

* RFx: Request for proposal, quotation or information