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How to Navigate the Brexit Scenarios

With Dr Elsa Leromain, International Trade Expert from the London School of Economics, and our Brexit Team

What insights do you need to navigate various Brexit scenarios?

Listen to the DFDS and International Trade Expert Dr Elsa Leromain, to learn how the different Brexit scenarios could impact trade in the UK and Europe. Find out the most important actions you can take to prepare your business.

The British Parliament is set to vote on the Brexit deal before January 21, 2019. With that in mind, DFDS is hosting a webinar to help you better understand the various Brexit scenarios and their impact on European trade.

In this Webinar, DFDS and Dr Elsa Leromain, International Trade Expert and Research Officer at the London School of Economics, discuss the following:


  • Potential scenarios: No-deal, soft Brexit or hard Brexit. What do they imply?
  • Practical advice for businesses that trade between the UK and Europe. How to prepare for the potential challenges?
  • Elsa Leromain and the DFDS Brexit team will be available to answer questions at a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

External Speaker: Dr Elsa Leromain

International Trade Expert and Research Officer at the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP), LSE. Since 2017, she has researched the economic and trade consequences of Brexit. The core of her work at CEP is related to a project funded by an ESRC Brexit Priority grant, “The Economics of Brexit: Building a Bridge from Data to Policy Analysis”.

Elsa Leromain holds a PhD from the Paris School of Economics. She received a M.Phil. in Empirical and Theorethical Economics from Paris School of Economics, a M.A. in International Economics from University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, and a B.Sc. in Economics from University Aix-Marseille.

Internal Speakers: The DFDS Brexit Team

Mikael Mortensen

Brexit Consultant; Webinar host and moderator

Through his years working within DFDS, Mikael Mortensen has gathered premium first-hand experience from some of the continent’s most important ports, including Rotterdam and Tallinn. As a commercial consultant to DFDS’ Brexit team, Mikael Mortensen is responsible for helping the organisation navigate the uncertainties of Brexit and capitalise on the unique commercial opportunities the situation may uncover.

Emma Leam

Agency Director, Freight Shipping

Emma Leam is the Agency Director for DFDS in the UK. Emma Leam has more than 20 years of experience working in nearly all areas of the shipping trade – from distribution to freight forwarding and logistics. Utilising both that experience and her sharp understanding of operational challenges, Emma Leam plays a crucial role in preparing DFDS for the shipping challenges posed by Brexit. Emma Leam is a member of the DFDS Brexit team.

Rodney Ferguson

Commercial Director, Logistics

Rodney Ferguson has nearly three decades worth of experience in logistics and has been Vice President for DFDS Logistics since 2010. His intimate familiarity with - and vast knowledge of - the industry makes Rodney Ferguson uniquely poised to analyse the logistical consequences that Brexit may very well bring about. Rodney Ferguson is a member of the DFDS Brexit team.

Lotte Blumensaadt

Indirect Tax Manager

Lotte Blumensaadt has worked closely with trade, finance and tax matters at DFDS. Previously known for her expertise within the taxation, Lotte Blumensaadt brings her knowledge of consulting to this event. From being a Senior VAT manager at both KPMG and EY she understands the sensitivity of Brexit in relations to shareholders and customers. Lotte Blumensaadt holds a Master's degree in Law from the University of Copenhagen.

How DFDS is preparing for Brexit

The DFDS webinar presenters are members of our dedicated Brexit team. The purpose of the team is to prepare DFDS and our customers for the challenges Brexit presents regarding supply chain solutions, export and import of goods and transportation of cargo. Through the whole DFDS network colleagues are engaged in having dialogues with customers, local authorities, setting up customs processes and amending IT systems and procedures. We all work to ensure that our customers can make a transition that is as smooth as possible, regardless of the outcome of the UK Brexit process.