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When metal meets science

DFDS delivers the steel backbone of ESS, one the largest science and technology infrastructure projects being built today.

Transport metals steel coin

Get extreme flexibility and a shorter turnaround in the port

Our loading systems make supply chains run smoother.

metal shipments

Who handled 558,000 tons of steel last year?

The Immingham terminal is made to handle enormous volumes of special cargo.

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11.000 items make cargo move swiftly

DFDS equipment centre ensures everything is ship shape for your metal goods.

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Volvo Trucks present an autonomous transport solution between a DFDS logistics centre and port

Volvo Trucks’ electric, connected and autonomous vehicle Vera will form part of an integrated solution to transport goods from a logistics centre to a port terminal in Gothenburg, Sweden. The assignment is a result of a new collaboration between Volvo Trucks and DFDS.

IoT, Long-form article

How IoT is key to solving logistics challenges

Your company can use IoT to drive razor-sharp data-driven value through your supply chain from warehousing and cargo management to freight and last mile delivery.

Green shipping, Long-form article

The business challenge of green shipping

Companies that invest in sustainable solutions could be poised to gain a crucial advantage in an increasingly environmentally conscious marketplace.

Transportation shortage, Long-form articles

The transportation shortage and how to fix it

How the industry can overcome the critical capacity problems before the situation takes a turn for the worse.

Self-driving trucks article

Self-Driving Trucks and the Logistics Industry

From a theoretical concept to hard reality, self-driving trucks are going to have a huge impact on the way goods are moved.

Frequent sailings article

How shipping services help trade in Europe

With so much industry outside of Europe, see how DFDS' vital link with Türkiye and the Mediterranen helps move heavy industry goods back and forth.

Volvo in sequence article

Volvo’s just-in-sequence inventory strategy

Not only has DFDS been a part of Volvo's supply chain for 20 years, but also a critical part of the just-in-sequence delivery method, allowing a well-coordinated flow of parts to keep lean production on track.

Travel with your car with DFDS

Flexible deliveries keep Volvo cars on top

ArcelorMittal Belgium ships around six million tonnes of flat carbon steel a year to industrial customers around Europe, including Volvo’s Torslanda plant in Gothenburg, Sweden. DFDS has been the connection between these two global industry leaders since 2006, transporting up to 600 tonnes of steel per week. Find out how DFDS helps Volvo keep its pace to produce 300,000 cars a year

Ephesus at night

New ferry routes connect Northern Europe with the Mediterranean

With Türkiye producing everything from cars and chemicals to electronics and appliances, transport to and from the EU has become extremely important. As seaborne trade continues to dominate, find out what DFDS routes are open for business.

Poul Woodall

Take control of your transport footprint

Sustainability is a complex science that is not always easily applicable. If you’re looking to reduce your CO2 emissions, DFDS can help interpret your transport data in a way you can work with.

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Driving shorter lead times at Immingham

With its naturally deep-water channels, the port of Immingham, UK offers easy access to major trade routes and is ideal for shipping large-capacity loads – especially since DFDS invested in its new 124-tonne harbour crane.

Ephesus new DFDS roro

Six new mega freight ferries join the DFDS fleet

Major regional developments, such as Sumitomo Corporation’s new steel-processing factory in Türkiye, will likely drive a need for higher shipping volumes in the coming decade. Find out how DFDS plans to meet the demand.

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