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Out of gauge and just in time

Architectural designs for skyscrapers are becoming increasingly unique, which means that abnormal dimensions are becoming increasingly normal. For the project industry, this means more and more out-of-gauge and oversized loads need to be transported.

The bigger, the better

DFDS Special Cargo specializes in moving out-of-gauge cargo for the steel and construction industries. Shipments include everything from concrete walls and whole balconies to steel beams and other extended long products.

“We support customers by connecting the Continent with the UK and the Baltics,” says Managing Director of DFDS Special Cargo Martin Bos. “We ship to several destinations around the North Sea and more than 20,000 units a year are shipped to the UK.”

The right equipment for the trip

DFDS Special Cargo has a special fleet of equipment for handling oversized loads, including extendable trailers up to four metres wide and 40 metres long (three times longer than standard-sized trailers). “We have more out-of-gauge equipment than other special cargo handlers, and if we are lacking anything, we invest it in immediately. This includes the escort vehicles, beacon flashlights and the licenses you need for the trip.”

Zero delays mean leaner projects

With the right equipment on hand, DFDS Special Cargo is able to take responsibility for the entire delivery process and ensure everything arrives just in time. This is particularly important for large building projects where the crew and crane are on site and ready to install the transported pieces.

“These specialists and equipment are expensive and if they are not able to do their job because the wall or the balcony hasn’t arrived, the project can risk going over budget or missing its deadline,” Martin explains. “With us managing every step of the delivery project, we make sure the pieces arrive just in time, every time.”

Fleet facts – Special Cargo

We operate over 900 trucks, trailers and support vehicles, which help us deliver top value to customers.

  • Extendable flatbed trailers
  • Low loaders
  • Extendable and regular semi-low loaders
  • Concrete carriers
  • Escort vehicles
  • Mega and standard flatbed trailers
  • Kuip trailers
Martin Bos

Your Special Cargo contact

Martin Bos

Managing Director, Special Cargo

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