Bellevue beach Copenhagen, Image credit: Astrid-Maria Rasmussen

Beaches in Copenhagen

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Discover fantastic beaches in Copenhagen

If you are in Copenhagen in the summer, there are many nice places where you can cool off in the heat. There are actually several places near the city center with great bathing facilities for both adults and children, and here you can find both beaches and saltwater pools. If you do not mind a bike ride, there are also some great places just outside the city center, such as a specially designed bathing platform!

Amager Strandpark, Image Credit: Peter Holliday

Amager Strandpark

Amager Strandpark has both its own lagoon, an island and a headland where it is possible to dive. You can reach the subway in just a few minutes, and there is plenty of space on the beach to fold out your towel and get ready! The island extends over 2.5 km and there are three bridges connecting the island with the mainland. On one side of the island you will find a pool for toddlers to enjoy, while on the other end there is a large lovely sandy beach. At Amager Strandpark there is often a lot of activity, and in addition to relaxed sunbathers there are also joggers, surfers and kayakers.

Kastrup Sjøbad, Image Credit: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Kastrup Sjøbad

Just outside the city center you will find Kastrup Sjøbad, and this beautiful platform is definitely worth the bike ride! A 100 meter long walkway leads you to the beautiful construction, which offers changing rooms, diving towers, freshwater showers and private lifeguards. The platform is designed in such a way that guests have sun from all sides as well as being sheltered from the wind. Above the edge you can also see wind turbines and the Øresund Bridge on the horizon. The water in the sea bath is quite deep, but toddlers can stay in the beach further along the walkway. In the same place there is also a wheelchair ramp.

Islands brygge, Image Credit: Astrid Maria Rasmussen


If you want to visit a swimming spot right at the city center, Havnebadet at Iceland's pier is the place. This bathing area is so central that many Copenhageners make a quick trip on the way home from work to take a little dip. There are five pools in total, two of them for children. There are also three diving towers of one, three and five meters. As long as environmental control permits, Havnebadet is open. Care is taken so that all bathers should be allowed to swim in perfectly clean water.

Bellevue, Image Credit: Astrid Maria Rasmussen


Bellevue Beach is a public beach facing the Sound. 10 km north of Copenhagen, but in Gentofte municipality. The beach is visited annually by 500,000 people. The beach is artificially landscaped, approx. 700 m long and 20-40 meters wide with shade trees. From the train station in Copenhagen you can take the Øresund train or the S-train towards Klampenborg. There is also cycling distance from Copenhagen.

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