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Copenhagen - Things to do

Copenhagen is known, loved and widely visited by Norwegians. The city has previously been voted the world's best city to live in, and this year Copenhagen can add another title to its list - the capital became the number one on the Lonely Planet list of which cities are most worth visiting in 2019! Not surprisingly - there are plenty of things to do in Copenhagen.

Although Copenhagen still retains its typical Danish mood and delicious atmosphere, the city has also emerged as one of the most trendy capitals in the world. Both in fashion, food, architecture, art and sustainability.

If you need some inspiration, whether you want to go shopping, visit one of the most famous attractions, enjoy good food and drinks or want fun activities for the little ones, then you've come to the right place.

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Nice activities for couples in Copenhagen

__How about some sightseeing? __ You can also take a romantic trip with one of the canal boats from Nyhavn or hop on one of the many red buses around town. The tour will be extra nice if you pack a small picnic. This may takemor epreparation, but it will really pay off. Pack a blanket and stop by a store to buy supplies - biscuits, chocolates, strawberries or other fruits, and something to drink. When you are sightseeing you will find many beautiful and green areas where there can be a stop for some fun.

Copenhagen Museums If you want a cultural break, you've come to the right city. Here you will find everything from art museums, to historical museums. How about a trip to the State Museum of Art, the National Museum, the Glyptoteket, the Cistern, the Design Museum or the ARKEN?

If you love good food and drink There are endless possibilities in the streets of Copenhagen.

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Things to do in Copenhagen for the family

In Copenhagen there are a plenty of activities that the kids love as well as the adults.

At the top of the list - Tivoli A visit here is exciting no matter the season. The park is teeming with roller coasters, carousels, games, ice cream, sugar spins and other fun. If you've been to Tivoli many times before and experienced all seasons, both the Copenhagen Zoo, the Blue Planet aquarium and the Experimentarium are high on the list.

At the Zoological Museum you can now take a look at the largest exhibition in the museum's history.

In the summer it is incredibly nice to go to one of the beautiful beaches in Copenhagen. Yes, there are a few! Amager Strandpark is probably the most popular and here you can both relax, swim and eat ice cream in beautiful surroundings.

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Activities for Friends in Copenhagen

Stroll around a couple of trendy shops, enjoy a few hours at a museum and have a delicious Danish lunch. It is also possible to separate to explore then meet a common place for lunch and something good to drink.

Vesterbro is an area in Copenhagen that must be visited. This district has really flourished in recent years, and here you will find a bit of everything - trendy shops, galleries, fine hotels, and Copenhagen's own meatpacking district - full of exciting restaurants and bars.

Old Carlsberg Brewery is also located in Vesterbro and is very popular. Here you get a little history, while tasting different varieties of beer. Every Friday in the summer from June 1 to September 7, it is also possible to sit in the backyard of the brewery and welcome the weekend.

If you want to do something completely different we can tempt with kayaking in Copenhagen's canals.

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