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Curonian spit from boat
Beautiful Neringa
The nature of Curonian Spit

Discover the captivating Curonian Spit on an expertly curated tour

Embark on a daylong adventure to explore the captivating Curonian Spit, a 51-kilometers sand-dune spit between Lithuania and Russia.

Discover the highlights of the national park, from majestic sand dunes to the Russian-Lithuanian border. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the landscapes and gain insights into the ethnic Curonians and their fishing culture.

Tour is operated by Neringa Tours, with comfortable Wi-Fi enabled minivans. Experience this UNESCO World Heritage Site with a private tour designed for an unforgettable experience. Find Neringa Tours from our good partner GetYourGuide website.

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Neringa on Curonian Spit
Beautiful Neringa

Curated tour: What to expect

You will experience the best of what the Curonian Spit has to offer in a day filled with nature, culture, and history. From the dunes of Kursiu Nerija National Park to the tranquillity of Nida Beach, prepare for an unforgettable journey.

Sample itinerary

9:00 - 9:20 Start from DFDS Ferry Terminal

  1. Explore Amber Bay in Juodkrantė
  2. Visit Witch Hill in Juodkrantė
  3. Discover Karmoran Colony in Juodkrantė
  4. Witness the Dead Dunes near Pervalka
  5. Approach the Russian Border
  6. Visit the Sun Clock and Big Dunes
  7. Enjoy a lunch at "Pas Joną" featuring fresh smoked local Fish
    8a. (May-September) Take a 1-hour boat trip in Laguna
    8b. (August - April) Stroll around the center of Nida
  8. Explore Thomas Mann House
  9. Relax at Nida Beach
  10. Wander through Klaipėda city center

18:00 Return to DFDS Ferry Terminal

Curonian spit from boat
walkway on the curonian spit

Why the tour is perfect for a mini cruise

Curated tour of the Curonian Spit, provided by Neringa Tours is the perfect way to optimize your day on a Klaipeda Mini Cruise. immersing yourself in the best of what Lithuania has to offer without the hassle of arranging transportation.

Imagine starting your day with a hearty breakfast onboard. Fully satiated and ready for adventure, you disembark to find Neringa Tours waiting at the terminal. All your transportation needs have been taken care of.

Our curated tour is precisely timed to ensure you can enjoy the full breadth of the Curonian Spit's natural beauty and historical depth, and still return to the ferry in time for a relaxing dinner onboard.

As your day concludes, retire to your cabin, your mind brimming with the day's experiences. After a restful night's sleep, you'll be ready to continue your journey the next morning in Karlshamn, enriched by your Lithuanian adventure.

Mini Cruise and Route to Lithuania

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