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8 unique places in Sweden worth exploring

Did you know that there are "talking" stones in Sweden and a narrow gorge just 1-2 meters wide that would be a fun challenge to cross? These are just a few places you can visit by car at a pace that suits you. Rediscover road trips and explore interesting places.

Bexell's Talking Stones in Sweden

Bexell's Talking Stones

Allow enough time to enjoy every word engraved on the stones in the forest. On the stones you will find quotes from fiction, more than 180 aphorisms and the names of famous state and public figures. Alfred Bexell, a landowner and member of parliament, implemented his idea with the help of two stonemasons in the 19th century. He did so most likely to share his interest in exploring history and philosophy with future generations. These engravings were discovered by chance in the early 1930s. It is said that not all of the "talking" stones have yet been found. Therefore, when you visit Sweden, Varberg, it is definitely worth going to the forest to admire these stones and, who knows, maybe you will find another "talking" stone that has not been found so far.

Borras Skara, Sweden

Borras mountain range

Have you walked under a rock? An exciting place that is definitely worth discovering is located in Varöbacka, Halland County. It is a mountain range in Borras which is 10 m deep and 1-2 m wide. Put on comfortable shoes and go through a nearly 100 m long mountain range, at the end of which there is a stone trapped at a height of about 1.5 m. Going under the rock is definitely worth capturing with a camera or phone. Admire views of the surrounding area from the plateau at the exit of the mountain range.

Dala horse, Sweden

Dala horse and wooden bear

Did you know who is one of Sweden's four largest predators? A bear. And did you know that Sweden has the largest bear statue in the world, 13 m high and 80 tons heavy? The symbol of the small town Sveg, a wooden bear, is made of wooden boards.

In addition to the largest bear statue in the world, you can also see the largest statue of a dala horse in Sweden, 13 m high and 12.8 m long. While Dala horses are usually made of wood and decorated with brightly colored details, the statue on the Dalarna border in Avesta is made of concrete. If you happen to visit the Dalarna Museum, you will find it in the permanent exhibition by Tomas Holst made in 2000 in the early shape of the world's smallest dala horse.

Orsa park in Sweden

Orsa predator park

In Europe's largest predator park in Orsa, you can observe predators in their natural environment. In addition to bears, wolves and lynx, you can also see a Persian leopard, a snow leopard and an Amur tiger in the park. Exciting discovery can also be seen in the Polar World in the park, the Leopard Center and the Tiger House. Predator Park is open all year round.

Kolmården Zoo in Sweden

Kolmården Zoo

2-3 hours is not enough to visit the most famous and largest zoo in the Nordic countries in Norrköping municipality, you should consider the whole day, because there is excitement and joy of discovery for visitors of all ages.

In the safari park you can ride a gondola at the top of the trees and watch the lions and giraffes from above. Enjoy a dolphin show in the dolphinarium, watch predators up close in the Tiger World. Also, the smallest visitors to the zoo can have fun in the world of the bear Bamse.

Tysoland beach in Sweden

Swedish beaches

In Sweden you will find both pristine sandy beaches and crowded city beaches. It takes time to get to Böda beach on the east coast of the island of Öland, but the kilometers of white sand beach is worth it. In the southern part of the beach there are cafes, showers, camping sites and the opportunity to play various ball games. Tylosand Beach in Halland County, which is popular with locals and tourists alike, is the best time to enjoy from July to August, when the water is warm enough. Within walking distance of the beach are cafes, restaurants, hotels.

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