Swedish pastries
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Swedish pastries

6 foods to taste in Sweden

Who among us would not have heard of the rich buffet or the traditional crab party (kräftskiva) marking the end of summer? When traveLling, we always try to discover new tastes and try them. Here are some suggestions on foods you should definitely try while in Sweden.



Crispy bread was first baked in Sweden in the Middle Ages, but was initially considered a food for the more deprived. And if in the past round-shaped breads were hung over the oven to dry, nowadays shops are full of crisp breads of various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, flavors and textures that will be a nice snack, for example, when you go on a trip. It is a high-fiber food that occupies an important place on the buffet. Crispy bread is eaten both alone and with many different additives.

Swedish pastries

Cinnamon buns

If you want to take part in the nationwide Cinnamon Day, it is definitely worth being in Sweden on October 4, when all places are full of cinnamon.

Cinnamon bread began to be made after the First World War, but these delicious pastries gained their popularity decades later. The traditional Swedish cinnamon roll contains a small amount of cardamom, spices and is baked in muffin tins to make the breads as airy as possible.

Enjoy fika with a mouth-watering cinnamon bun while in Sweden.


The Crayfish Festival

The Crayfish Festival (kräftskiva) is a traditional holiday celebrating the end of summer, held outdoors or indoors. The venue of the party is decorated with paper lanterns, and the groups gather in a long corner behind the table to eat, drink and sing together.

Crabs are cooked in brine, with plenty of dill and eaten cold with bread and strong cheese.

Swedish meatballs


Small round meatballs are traditionally made from minced beef and pork and seasoned with nutmeg. Mashed potatoes or pasta and cream sauce are eaten on the side.

Meatballs are wonderful to enjoy as a cold snack or as a main course. The recipe for meatballs varies from region to region.

Fermented herring

Fermented herring

The dish, made from salted, fermented and canned herring, is a national fish dish that is eaten mainly in August.

In addition to the Swedes themselves, it is also popular with tourists, but not everyone is inclined to try it. Due to the sharp and unpleasant smell, it is recommended to follow the direction of the wind when opening the jar and eating herring upwind.

Marinated herring

Marinated herring

Herring has historically been one of the most important staples in Sweden and has a long tradition of eating.

Marinated herring is eaten with boiled potatoes, sour cream, chopped chives. It is definitely worth trying a piece of Swedish restaurant classic, the well-known appetizer SOS or smör ost and a piece of herring and hard cheese with crispbread.

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