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Relaxation for body and mind in Lithuania

Are you in desperate need of a relaxing holiday that pampers your body and mind and fully recharges your batteries? And at the same time, do you want to explore a new place? Lithuania offers you just that: here traditional healing methods and untouched nature meet modern wellness facilities. Whether herbs, mineral water or mud: The special thing about wellness holidays in Lithuania are the many natural remedies that are used for the high-quality applications. Saunas and steam baths are also very popular in Lithuania. Let go of tension, gather new strength and explore the scenically diverse country. Between treatments, you can explore sandy beaches on the Baltic Sea or enchanted forests. Lithuania spoils your eyes with a combination of beautiful nature and exciting architecture. Many spa facilities are located near robust coasts, impressive buildings or lush green forests. In Lithuania, relaxation and serenity await you.

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Vilnius, Lithuania
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Traveling to Lithuania

If you arrive by ferry, you can relax on board – with or without a vehicle. Our ferry service takes you from Kiel directly to Klaipėda, a charming picturesque port city. Ferries run daily. You will travel overnight and sleep in cozy cabins. Spend the travel time in restaurants, bars, and cafes on board—including sea views. And get in the mood for your wellness holiday.

Druskininkai SPA

This is what makes a wellness holiday in Lithuania so special

There are several reasons why Lithuania is ideal for a wellness holiday. Lithuania combines the latest knowledge from medicine, rehabilitation and wellness with the best of all ingredients: nature. Baltic amber, fragrant pines and minerals characterize the atmosphere.

The diverse nature of Lithuania offers many restorative resources: in addition to thermal springs, you can also enjoy mud treatments or milk baths made from goat's milk and berries. These natural remedies have a long tradition in dealing with healing methods: herbal medicine and massages are carried out according to traditional methods. By the way: The Lithuanian sauna is enriched with steam and differs from other saunas: Plenty of herbs and other plants are used here.

Especially the wellness treatments with local natural products fit the zeitgeist and are particularly popular.

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Kernave archeological site in Lithuania

Everywhere it smells of pine and salt

35 percent of Lithuania's land area consists of dense forests: take a long walk. Breathe in the fresh, pine-scented air. This slows you down and releases the stress that has accumulated due to a lot of screen work or busy schedules. A walk along the Baltic Sea coast can be just as relaxing: brace yourself against the wind, breathe salty air and let yourself be invigorated by the sound of the waves.

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Lithuania relies on natural remedies

For many treatments, pure mineral water from underground sources is used. Especially the springs in Birštonas, Palanga and Druskininkai are bursting with calcium, magnesium and sulphates. Traditionally, they are used to relieve stress, allergies or skin irritations. Healing mud (fango) also plays a major role: a treatment removes dead skin cells, relaxes muscles and joints.

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A healthy lifestyle has been in vogue here for over 200 years: Druskininkai is the oldest and largest spa town in Lithuania. The city is surrounded by lakes, hills and pine forests. It is famous for its healing waters and spa tradition, which is complemented with the latest knowledge about health and well-being. Salt, honey, pine extracts, stones, clay, oils: In Druskininkai you will find a wide range of natural remedies and varied wellness offers. Most people visit the spa because of the healing springs, whether tasted as mineral water or enjoyed as a bath.

Building in Palanga, Lithuania
Palanga - Lithuania


Along with the Curonian Spit, Palanga is one of the most famous and popular holiday and health resorts in Lithuania. The seaside resort is located directly on the Baltic Sea, only 20 km north of Klaipėda. Just a few meters from dunes and sandy beach, you have the choice of many spa facilities. Palanga stands for active wellness holidays with a maritime flair: hike through the adjacent forest area. Stroll across the 470 m long pier or explore the coast by bike. For all water lovers and sports fans, there are also many opportunities to try out water sports.

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The resort is located in the southern part of Lithuania. The name says it all: the name of the town can be traced back to biržtva = "birch grove". Already in the Middle Ages, grand dukes recovered at Birštonas Castle. Today, the resort is popular for its salty springs and mineral water. Wellness hotels and spa clinics offer a wide range of treatments, from massages to drinking cures and healing inhalations. Between treatments, you can explore the picturesque place. It is located directly on the Nemunas River: the area is ideal for a relaxing hike or a boat trip.

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