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Part of the World Marathon Majors, the London Marathon is a lengthy, 26.2 mile run through England’s cosmopolitan capital.

The event is held every April and the English springtime weather is the perfect temperate clime for a run. Highlights of the race include running over Tower Bridge, as well as passing the Tower of London, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. You can enter the race yourself or visit as a spectator, watching people fly by in the most obscure costumes, including everything from pints of beer to Buzz Lightyear.

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How to participate

Generally, registrations are open online for 5 days in May for the following year. Once registrations are open, you will have to pay your sign-up fees which is approximately €100. But beware, the London Marathon is so popular among the British and foreigners that we advise you reserve your tickets as soon as registrations open! Indeed, every year, tens of thousands of people graze the bitumen with their sneakers.

Marathon Route

What is the route of the London Marathon?

Marathoners who take part of this event are considered to be very lucky. In addition to attending one of the six top World Marathon Majors annual competitions, participants have the privilege of running alongside some of London's greatest sights and landmarks.

The race begins on the south bank of the Thames, in the borough of Greenwich, where runners cross the river by the famous Tower Bridge. Then, they run through the city's business district, near the Tower of London, in front of St. Paul's Cathedral before reaching Trafalgar Square. The finish line is in front of Buckingham Palace.

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London Marathon with DFDS

Would you like to visit the English capital and attend the London Marathon? Simply book your DFDS ferry crossing to your preferred ferry port. Our crossings Dieppe-Newhaven, Dunkirk-Dover or Calais-Dover are our closest option to London, at just 2 hours from the port by car. You could also travel on the Amsterdam-Newcastle ferry crossing, from which you can head to London by car or public transport.

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