Saint Patrick's day in Britain

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in London

Saint Patrick's day


Today most of us see St. Patrick's Day as an opportunity to dress up, head out, enjoy a pint of Guinness and party to a setlist of traditional Irish music. The entire United Kingdom is alive with events and parties, many of which take to the city streets alongside impressive parades.

However, it cannot be forgotten that the day is originally and primarily a celebration of the legacy of Saint Patrick, the Apostle of Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day - History

History of St Patricks Day

St Patrick, originally named Maewyn Succat, was born in 385 AD on British soil. When he was young, he was kidnapped by Irish pirates and sold as a slave. Through religion he was able to persevere and went on to study theology and become ordained.

Using a clover to describe the Holy Trinity, Patrick was able to convert entire kingdoms across Ireland to Christianity. Patrick became the patron saint of Ireland, though never officially canonised by the Catholic Church. Patrick died on 17 March 461 AD which became St Patrick’s Day.

Pub in Twickenham

Eating and Drinking

During this traditional, jovial festival, everyone opens their doors and pubs fill up fast. So, board a DFDS ferry from Dieppe, Calais or Dunkirk and celebrate in one of London's many pubs! Try the Sun Tavern where there are plenty of beers, ciders Irish poitín and whiskeys to sample. Don’t forget to try the delicious Irish cuisine of Ireland, too. We suggest you try Irish stew or the famous Irish cheese, Durrus, as well as a traditional Irish goody!


St Patrick's Day in London

The St Patricks Day Parade sees 32 magnificent floats that represent the counties of Ireland alongside marching bands and performers parading the streets of London. This parade is then followed by the St Patricks Day Festival in London.

These two free events will give you the full St Patrick’s Day experience as you are immersed in the authentic music, outfits, films and gastronomy of Ireland.

So, do not hesitate and book your stay in London! DFDS offers several ferry crossings to England. Choose the one that suits you best and enjoy an incredible weekend.

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